Color-Me-Pretty: Color Trends You’ll See Everyone Following In 2022

Last updated on July 5th, 2022

Being cloistered in your home is bad enough, but things can get tricky when you are surrounded by dull-looking grays and sad, muted tones. Yes, we are talking about home decor. And true, muted, earthy shades have been popular home decor shades for the past few years. But now with covid finally off the scene (well, almost!) it’s time to jazz things up a bit with a few vibrant colors. What say?

With trends promising vibrant pops of color, things are going to get exciting on the home front this year. So, what are the color trends we should expect in 2022? Let’s find out.

Green it up

With a focus on the environment gaining momentum, green tones have been around for a few years now. 2022 is no different, with green shades holding their own in home décor.
Green exudes calm and peace. That makes it the perfect shade to envelope yourself in. For a subdued green décor, how about jade green paired with accents of navy or eggplant? Or the in-your-face emerald green with the richness of rosewood?
Hey, finding complementary colors for green is a cinch! We suggest you take a leaf out of nature’s color scheme.

Your blues need not be moody

Soothing blue décor has always stayed popular. It brings calm and tranquility, not to mention that touch of sophisticated class to your décor. Blue has a lot of notes, and each has its unique tune.
Soothing powder blues with white furniture are a great option. Or would you rather the subdued blue of the ocean, lapping on some sand-toned accessories? Electric blue is sure to bring drama into your home! Whichever shade you choose, you are sure to strike the right note with blue!

How Very Peri!

Pantone, the barometer for color trends, launched Very Peri as its color of the year. Very Peri, a shade that plays with a dash of blue and a hint of purple, is indicative of its leaning towards the violet shades on the palette. This gorgeously decadent color goes well with pine wood. Great for a sophisticated home!

The cheer of yellow

The color of choice here, is a distinct yellow that is not as sharp as sunny yellow but has a hint of mustard to bring cheer without overwhelming the space. When used in large spaces, it is dignified and very modern. Colors that go with yellow? We suggest a spot of discreet turquoise to amp your look.

Think caramel and chocolate

Chocolate brown is back on the scene. And predictable combinations of chocolate with orange or rust are passe. We move on to new pastures by pairing this rich color with deep neutrals and terracotta. Indulge in these richly decadent interiors with brown!

The magic of Citrus

Citrus shades may just be huge this year. This can be anything between a peppy orange or deep mustard. We suggest layering of patterns and colors to dilute the starkness of this bold color. Materials like marble and wood work well with this theme. You can, of course, add a bit of texture and natural materials to tone down that bold pop of color. Deliciously exuberant, we promise!

Crimson, boldness personified

Yes, crimson is bold. And very vibrant. Using this fantastic shade needs a bit of talent, or it can overwhelm you and your space. But you cannot deny its glamorous appeal and uniqueness. You can consult a professional or tone down the look by using it only on your accent wall. We suggest pairing it with dark wood furniture and beige accents. Believe us, this color is going to make you very happy!

Gorgeous shades of mustard and moss green – a heady combination

To get this look right, we suggest subdued greens and yellows with mustard tones to give a startlingly pleasing appeal. You can layer these shades with white oil-painted wood and beige accents. Maybe a dark wood floor to bring out the beauty of these amazing shades? You decide!

The Bottomline?

These exciting shades are inspirational, and we know you are just raring to go!

Do give us a shout if you liked what you read. Happy decorating, everyone!