Diving Into Deep Blue: Why It’s A Good Choice For Your Home?

Last updated on October 25th, 2023

Do you like neutrals or bold colors? Deciding on the perfect colors for your home can be challenging. While neutrals have ruled the roost for decades, there is one color that stands out on the color spectrum and is a popular shade for home decor. Yes, we are talking about blue.

So, why blue? Blue personifies calmness and relaxation, just what you need when you are living life on the fast track. So, how do you use this bold yet soothing shade in your home decor? Let’s find out.

Splash of the Ocean on Your Walls

The navy blue color oozes sophistication and style. A splash of this gorgeous color on the accent wall adds richness to the space. For a glamorous look, add gold fittings or furniture to this relaxing shade. And if you want to tone it down a bit, go for light or white wood furniture. A wooden flooring will fit right in with this decor. The advantage of dark walls is that they are less prone to staining.

Blue on Blue

There are times when you just can’t have enough blue. The row of blue jeans hanging in your wardrobe bears witness to this statement. However, balancing your decor can be challenging. To get it right, tone down the color on the wall so that the navy sofa stands out against this background. We suggest white flooring, as dark tones will mar the look. Accessorize with white cushions and throws to enhance the beauty of blue.

Use it as an Accent

A navy blue wall seems a bit much to you? Well, in that case, go for the next best thing. Navy blue accent colors on your white backdrop. Drape your bed with blue, let it sit on your headboard, and sprinkle it on the throw cushions too. However, play these shades against grays and patterns to bring out the gorgeous shades. And yes, these shades together will give you the desired calming look.

Up the Ante with Blue Furniture

Try turning the tables by letting gray or white dominate your walls. Navy blue sofas and chairs will be a delicious contrast against the pristine backdrop. Enhance this look with patterned rugs in shades of gray and white, along with lightweight, breezy curtains. And yes, don’t forget the plants. They will carry the relaxing theme forward.

Let your Whites Lord it Over the Blue Backdrop

To bring out the beauty of the deep blue wall, nothing works better than white. To take it to the next level, add either beige or gray to the mix. If you are using beige, light wood furniture is ideal. For gray accents, white or dark brown furniture will complement the color scheme.

Go Nautical

Deep blue is the color of the ocean. It is calming and mysterious, too. Adding nautical accents will add to the mystery, especially if you use beige in your decor. Beige will mimic the sand, a must-have color if you have shells incorporated into your decor.

A Vibrant Touch, Maybe?

Can’t swallow the idea of blue decor? Don’t worry, you can indulge your vibrant personality by adding yellow, orange, or red accents. For a bold statement, consider adding mustard or yellow sofas to your navy room. However, remember to balance the look with other items in the same shade, or it will stick out like a sore thumb.

Our Thoughts

Blue has always been a popular shade for home decor, as it has a calming effect. Now, with dark shades trending, navy blue seems to fit the bill perfectly. However, this bold color scheme can be daunting at times. But you need not stress, as we are just a call away. Contact us at homebliss.in if you want to give your home a radical makeover!