Hello 2020! 8 Paint Color Trends To Look Out For In The New Year

Last updated on June 12th, 2020

Colors hold the power to transform a setting. And you don’t really need to be an interior designer to agree. Give your living room a bold accent wall or your ceiling an unexpected color and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

But have you ever wondered, how these color trends are arrived at every year? Who decides them? Well, here’s their secret. They trickle into the interior design world from the fashion industry, and what’s trending in it.

To help you give your home a fresh lick of life this year, we decided to put together a tiny list of colors and shades that homeowners around the world will be scampering to use in their interiors in the year 2020. Take a look.

1. Navy Blue

This timeless color reminding us of a dark night-sky, will be used widely as an accent wall or to paint entire rooms with, in the year 2020. It isn’t too late! How about giving your beige living room a navy blue accent wall then? You’ll find many homes copying your stunning interior design choice!

2. Mango

Screaming fun and energy, this bold color is sweeping the interior design scene across the globe for all the right reasons! Less is more with this stunningly bright color and you can use it in throws, upholstery and accent walls alike, to create plenty of drama in a neutral setting.

3. Dark Red

A popular choice of color in 2019, dark red and its different shades will continue to dominate the interior design scene even in 2020. Why wait then? Give your living room a red accent wall and fill it with warmth and sophistication, just like that!

4. Rich Champagne

Creating the perfect background for bold textures and stunning accessories in gold and silver, this earthy color is going to substitute cool greys which we have seen quite a bit of, the last few years.
Stay ahead of the trend and paint your interiors in this warm, earthy color and create a calming vibe in your home.

5. Golden Yellow

Used sparingly, and mostly as an accent color, this refreshing color that spells optimism and happiness, will be seen aplenty, but in a subdued golden shade in 2020. It works amazingly well in nurseries, office spaces, living rooms as well as bedrooms.

6. Charcoal Grey

Dark shades have been in for quite a while now, and the year 2020 wouldn’t be very different. Charcoal grey, a color with class and style in equal proportions, will be seen in many bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. It will also add depth and visual interest in accent walls in many a living room, across the globe.

7. Olive Green

Green, which happened to be a popular color in fashion circles in 2019, will be seen a lot more in 2020 as well. Especially its olive-green shade, that mimics the color of nature. So, go right ahead, prepare to color your interiors or exteriors in this serene hue, that is so close to nature.

8. Soft Pink

No. Pink will no longer be restricted to the nursery and kids’ rooms and will be a hugely popular alternative to white or beige in 2020. It works well with so many other colors, it wouldn’t be a wonder when it adorns many, many living areas, kitchens and bedrooms the world over this year.

Now that you’re in on the latest color trends, go on, paint the town red. (Or any of the other colors you just read about!)