Top 10 Color Trends That’ll Rule In 2018

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

If you’re thinking of refreshing your living space with colors that are in vogue in the year 2018, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s your guide to the color trends that 2018 will be witnessing in a big way.


A Case Of The Blues

This color will also be seen a lot in all of its beautiful shades, whether it is the rich Sapphire shade adorning the bedrooms, Parisian blue beautifying the kitchens or the more electrifying shades making statements on accent walls.


Black Is Back

Black is all set to make a big comeback this year as well, with people choosing this bold and beautiful color for their living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms as small accents to give the area a facelift, or using it boldly to make a style statement.


Very Berry

The beautiful colors of berries with all their different hues are going to be adorning many walls this year. This color with its versatile palette can be a bold strawberry red for folks wanting to make a statement or be a subdued and softer raspberry for those interested in keeping things understated and warm.


The Subtle Charm of Teal

You’ll be seeing plenty of this quaint and understated color doing the rounds this year, infusing its calming vibes to many settings.


An Understated Beige

Color your walls this year with this sophisticated yet pretty shade and prepare to leave your guests in awe!


A little bit of Sunshine

Add a little bit of sunshine to your interiors with this bright, upbeat shade that is poised to make it big this year, as accents sprinkled here and there or entire rooms flooded with a sunshine-y yellow.


The Grey Areas

Be prepared to see many different shades of this color adorning the walls this year, with people choosing the darker shades on accent walls on the one hand and its cooler and more subtle versions on the other. Whatever your preference, be assured that you can’t go wrong with it this year.


Olive Green To The Rescue

Olive Green will make quite a splash this year adding a traditional touch to many living rooms and bedrooms.


Say It With White

Make the most of the sunshine filtering in through the windows and have it reflecting back from walls bathed in this beautiful timeless color.


Make A Mark With Deep Turquoise

Many living spaces this year will sport a moody tone with deep turquoise walls and furnishings making up the aesthetics.