Top 10 Color Trends That’ll Rule In 2019

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

From what colors will work best in which area of your home, to colors that you can use to add visual interest to a setting, here’s a list of the Top 10 paint colors that you will find hugely popular , and how you can make the best use of this trend in your interiors!

1. Mustard


Use this muted shade of gold in small doses to add a pop of color to a setting and create rich focal points. It is also a great color to highlight art and other décor elements around it!

2. French Vanilla

Courtesy: redbubble

Cream with a dash of yellow, this shade is going to be hugely popular in 2019 and will make many rooms sunny and bright. Especially those with no windows, like bathrooms for instance. A great color to use in babies’ rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

3. Hazelnut

Courtesy: redbubble

Use this trend to spruce up areas of your house that are darker than the rest, as this color and its various shades are known to bounce light off them, making the rooms they are used in, appear bigger and brighter. And lucky for us, this neutral shade, hardly ever goes out of style!

4. Ballerina Pink

Courtesy: roostery

Used in prisons to calm inmates down and keep them happier, pink happens to be a popular color among interior designers. And this slightly different take on pink takes the cliché out of the color, making it suitable for all kinds of settings. Go ahead, make yourself happy!

5. Aqua Mint

Courtesy: interiorcharm

This beautiful color can actually lower your blood pressure and help people with anxiety calm down instantly. So, if life seems to be stressing you out of late, this one trend might be well worth following!

6. Clay

Courtesy: swcolorforecast

This earthy hue is going to replace many beiges and browns in 2019 and will make interiors appear casual and elegant at the same time. Think terracotta, caramel or burnt orange. Save them for accent walls and kitchen backsplashes and watch them lifting your spirits up!

7. Lilac Gray – Neither Lilac Nor Grey

Courtesy: twisted-ink

This combination of grey and lilac, makes the popular masculine color – grey, take on a warmer and more gender-neutral tone. Get ready to paint your interiors in this refreshing alternative to the rather severe-looking grey shades and give them a more cheerful look.

8. Dark Greens

Courtesy: hubstairs

Named the Pantone color of the year 2019, this color gives a space a feeling of being close to nature and its healing powers and is best used in large rooms with plenty of light. Using it in small spaces can make the place look small and dark, unless reserved only for the accent wall.

9. Pale Blues


With this trend, you can choose from many pale varieties of blue, shades that will have a soothing and calming influence on the senses. Be careful not to let the blue get too dark, which can make the room feel smaller and colder.

10. Earthy Oranges

Courtesy: lisettewoltermckinley

Orange, a friendly and warm color is going to be quite popular in 2019. You can use this color in your living and dining spaces, places perfect for a color that makes us feel more social.