You’ve Got To Try These Colour Combinations for Your Home Exteriors

Last updated on June 17th, 2022

Unlike the color of your living room walls, what you choose on the exterior walls of your home affects not only your neighbors but the ambiance of the locality as well. 

Photo by Adrian Cuj

As it is in the public domain, much thought is required when choosing a color scheme for your walls. You can play it safe and opt for the standard white or beige with grey or blue trimmings. Or you can think out of the box and spruce up your neighborhood with radical paint choices. For all you know, your building may just become Instagram-worthy!

So, which color combinations for front elevation should you be looking at? Let’s look at some daring choices.

The magic of bright colors

Building exteriors need not be staid and boring. There are many color combinations on the spectrum to enhance the beauty of your home. By and large, black should be avoided. Sure, it would be just the look you need to draw attention to your home. However, as it absorbs a lot of heat, it’s best avoided, or you will be looking at inflated electricity bills!

Ready to check out some interesting combinations? Let’s start!

Peach and blue make for an amazing pair

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

The peach color is about softness and style. Adding light blue to the mix, this amazing shade morphs into a style statement. You can add a touch of white to your window frames or add a white accent to select areas of your elevation to add an intriguing dimension to your style. Whichever way you play it, this amazing color combination for front elevation is sure to be a huge draw where your neighbors are concerned. 

Sunny yellow in all its glory

The yellow color on your exterior walls sounds horrifying. But when you play it right, you can get amazing results with this shade. You can pair it with either black or white as accents on your window frames. 

If you feel the shade is too sharp for your taste, reverse the roles and let the white color dominate. Add accents of yellow on your elevation to bring richness to your home exterior

Go white

Let the virginal charm of white speak the language of style and elegance. There is no way you can go wrong with this shade, even if you tried! You can go all white with your look, or you can add black to your window frames and your front door to amp the look. 

Yes, red!

Red is bold and it’s daring. Just the thing you need to bring life to your home and neighborhood. This stark and bold color exudes courage and determination. Grey color is a perfect partner for this fantastic shade and plays a vital role in toning down the sharpness of red. You can paint a whole section grey and let it frame the glorious red, bringing out the richness with sheer contrast. Here too, white can play an essential role on the window frames or the front door. 

Moody blues

There are a variety of blue shades that work equally well for your home elevation. For a bold no-nonsense look, navy blue paired with white is just the thing you are looking for. Depending on the elevation of your structure, you can section an area for your navy blue shade and paint the rest of the area white. If you have a lot of off-sets in your structure, you can use those to play around with this interesting color combination.  Front elevation colors are the best way to reflect your personality.

Earthy tones of beige and orange

Earthy tones are a surefire way to bring out the best in your structure without going over the top. But hey, why play safe? Orange is decadently rich and deserves its moment in the sun. You can go all out with this exuberant color or use it as an accent for a sober look. Beige accents on orange are a great way to bring out the richness of this color.

Final words!

Colors are joyful and exuberant. If you dare to be different, vibrant colors are right up your alley. For more ideas on making your home beautiful, do keep an eye on this space.

Happy decorating, everyone!