11 Refrigerator Hacks You Will Want To Try ASAP

Last updated on May 5th, 2022

A messy, unorganized refrigerator can make it difficult for you to track what all you’ve got. Leftovers, vegetables, ice creams, water bottles, and whatnot lying at the deep corners can be missed, leading them to ultimately spoil.

Now, let’s skip to the good part: there are actually ways you can organize your refrigerator. Here, we have 11 hacks you need to start using to have a fridge that remains perpetually fresh!

1. Get storage boxes and jars 

All your leftovers invariably go in the refrigerator. Filling them in separate storage boxes and jars of different sizes is essential. This prevents spilling and also keeps the fridge clean and fresh. You can also stack up the storage boxes one over the other, saving space.

2. Keep it two-thirds full

Keeping the fridge full to its capacity can make it look chaotic. Things can also fall when you open the door. Overloading can also lead to blocked air vents, hence decreasing your refrigerator’s energy efficiency. Remove extra water and juice bottles, avoid storing pre-cut vegetables and fruits as they take more space, and store milk in a bottle to save space. Try to keep your fridge two-thirds full, leaving one-third empty.

3. Make full use of baskets and trays

Compartmentalize food into its designated space with trays, bins, and baskets. You can use trays to keep the dairy or meat on the lower shelves, and bins to store eggs, condiments, lemons, and other citrus fruits. 

4. Use ziplock bags for pre-cut veggies

It is common to store pre-washed and cut fruits and vegetables in the fridge, while we all know the nutritional value of pre-chopped vegetables deteriorates. These pre-cut veggies also take up a lot of surface area when stored in airtight containers. While the best thing to do is to wash and cut right before consumption, you can still store pre-cut items in zip locks to prolong their life while saving space.

5. Label everything

Try to name and label every storage box in the refrigerator. This will reduce the time you take to hunt for items and give a tidier look to the fridge. This will also help you organize your stuff and know which foods and beverages to consume first.

6. Arrange items according to needs

Before setting up your fridge, order the items according to their use. Place things with higher shelf-life, and that can be consumed later, at the back. Whatever needs to be consumed daily or fruits with short shelf life can be kept in front. The idea is to keep things within your sight.

7. Stick a food list on the fridge

This is a general organization idea that can be used not only to maintain your diet for the week but also to keep track of the stored items inside the fridge. It reduces the chances of food items being spoiled or overbought, as you already know what is inside.

8. Organize the space in the freezer 

See which products need to be stored at freezing temperature and only keep those in the freezer. The rest can all handle the slightly higher refrigerator temperatures. Also, try to freeze things in flat sealable bags. They take less space.

9. Use transparent boxes and jars

Transparent boxes and jars will help you keep track of the quantities and types of items, so you would know when to restock. 

10. Keep it clean

Make a weekly or monthly routine to clean the fridge to maintain tidiness and eliminate odors. This will also help you declutter and make space. 

11. Opt for glass containers and bottles

Glass containers and bottles are meant to keep cold food better for longer. It will in turn make your fridge energy efficient! Moreover, glass is usually non-reactive, it does not impart any odors or taste to your foods and beverages as plastics typically do. 

A refrigerator is an essential storage appliance in your kitchen. Keeping it organized will save you a lot of time and allow you to consume your foods and beverages while they’re still fresh.

Happy eating, everyone!