Keep Your White Plastic Chairs Looking Like New!

Last updated on September 1st, 2022

Every family has owned a set of white plastic chairs at some point. They are a staple in household furniture since they are pretty affordable. They are lightweight, making them accessible to all age groups. These plastic chairs are stackable and widely used in community functions, picnics, outdoor gatherings, etc. They are usually composed of recycled plastic which can be melted and further recycled after the chairs are discarded. All of these features add to the utility of these white plastic chairs.

However, due to their color and composition, they can get dirty really quickly and develop a dingy, dusty layer on their coating. This makes it crucial to maintain these chairs through proper and frequent cleaning.

How to keep your white plastic chairs spick and span

First and foremost, make sure you give your white plastic chairs a regular cleaning. After every cleaning session, apply a thin coat of automotive paste wax on top. You can apply it all over the chair using a sponge or rag. You can later buff it off with a dry cloth. This will keep your chairs looking shiny and prevent dust or dirt from sticking to them. Any sort of dirt or particles will slide right off of your chair.

Next, try and keep your chairs in protected areas. Avoid keeping them under blossoming or fruit-bearing trees which might shed onto the chairs. Make sure you cover your chairs after using them and use canopies or umbrellas to protect them from damage. Another measure you can take is to avoid keeping them out during harsh weather as plastic tends to warp in extreme cold or heat and loses its strength.

Materials you’ll need to clean your chairs

Before we proceed with the actual cleaning process of chairs, it’s important to gather all the necessary equipment and materials for the same. For basic cleaning, one can use a bucket, a garden hose, sponges or rags, soft-bristled nylon brushes, towels, a tarp, rubber gloves, and a spray bottle. In terms of materials, one might need baking soda, oxygen-based bleach,

dishwashing liquid, automotive paste wax, distilled white vinegar, and an all-purpose cleaner.

Here is a five-step process to clean your white plastic chairs efficiently

Set up your cleaning area

Start by setting up a tarp in an outdoor area which will serve as your cleaning spot for the chairs. The tarp will collect all the dirt and water, making it easier to clean your chairs. Place your chair on the tarp and bring all the necessary equipment to clean it.

Make your cleaning solution

You can choose from a variety of furniture cleaners available in the market. To keep things simple, you can mix some water with baking soda and vinegar to create your natural all-purpose cleaner with no harmful chemicals. You can also create a diluted solution by mixing some lukewarm water with dish soap.

If there’s any mildew on your plastic chairs, you can spray a solution of one part water to three parts vinegar on the mildewed areas before you commence cleaning.

Wash and rinse your chairs

Start with a damp microfiber cloth or a wet sponge and thoroughly wipe down the chairs. You can sprinkle baking soda on the stains and dab them with a sponge to clean them. Once the chairs are properly cleaned, rinse them well with water using a garden hose.

Use an oxygen bleach to whiten stains and dingey spots

You can use oxygen-based bleach to remove any dinginess or buildup of dirt from your chairs. This is a more environmentally-friendly bleach that acts slowly without damaging the plastic of the chairs. It helps in stain removal and whitens the chairs.

Rinse again and let them dry

After a thorough wash, wipe them down with a cloth and leave them to air-dry. That’s it. You’ve got yourself some clean, shiny chairs!


This was your practical guide to keeping your white plastic chairs looking new! If you enjoyed this article, you could find more of these on the Homebliss blog. Get started on your home organization journey today!