10 Ways To Make Your Home A Happy Space

Last updated on August 10th, 2022

Happiness is a state of mind. And it is not always easy to pinpoint what makes you happy. But one thing is for sure – the space you live in makes a lot of difference in how you feel and look at the world around you. 

A dull and gloomy environment is not going to do anything to elevate your mood. It is the little things in life that create a happy mood, be it the glorious petals of a chrysanthemum or the puppy eyes of your poodle. 

So, how does your space change how you feel? Let’s check out ten ways to make your home a happy space.

1. Colors can give your mood a boost

Color can drastically change the way your home looks and also how it makes you feel. Yellow, lime green, and orange bring vibrancy into your home. But, if you feel you need a calming space after a hard day at work, go ahead with a subdued blue shade. You can add pops of vibrant colors in the accents to bring in the joyous element.

2. Fragrance is a great mood elevator

Fragrances can trigger moods and feelings from the days gone by. You can opt for scents that bring out happy memories. For freshness, citrus always works. 

You can bring this element into your home with flowers like rajnigandha to fill your space with the heady aroma, or opt for scented candles to elevate your mood. Essential oils work just as well. 

3. Go for natural elements 

Sunflowers are great mood enhancers; so are umpteen plants like fittonia or anthuriums. Plants not only add appeal to your home decor, but some also give off a wonderful scent. Select low-maintenance indoor plants that nudge the inner joy in your being.

4. Your ‘me space’

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate space. It can be a large cushion in a corner of your room or an easy chair near a window. This little ‘zen’ space can be your ‘me’ corner when you want an escape. Once you associate this place with your peaceful zone, you will want to relax there. 

5. Do away with heavy drapery

You can go curtain-free as the Scandinavians do, or opt for light or gauzy curtains if you want a bit of privacy. The trick is to let the outside into your home. A play of sun rays dancing on your flooring can be mesmerizing. 

If you have the morning sun beaming into your room, you can go for colored glass chimes to add some psychedelic drama to your walls.

6. Keep your space tidy

A daily tidying routine doesn’t take much effort if you don’t let it get on top of you. A cluttered, messy room can put a damper on your mood. For a happy space, it is best to deal with clutter as it happens. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy-peasy.

7. Eucalyptus while you shower

To enjoy a ‘spa’ day every day, eucalyptus does wonders. Find a sprig of eucalyptus leaves and hang it on your bathroom rod. The steam from the shower, mixed with this heady scent is an exhilarating experience. A few drops of Nilgiri oil can work too. 

8. A gratitude board in your home

A gratitude board is a great way to create a feeling of well-being once you realize how much you have to be thankful for. You can list your accomplishments, your child’s artwork, or pleasant memories on your gratitude board. 

9. A herb garden on your kitchen window sill

The aroma of herbs can be soothing and refreshing. You can opt for herbs such as mint or rosemary for their fresh scent. Just looking at your little garden will make you feel good!

10. Sage smudge sticks

Burning sage smudge sticks infuses your home with a cedary smell that can be wonderful and pleasing. They are said to ward off negativity, too. 

Final thoughts

Attitude matters. A positive outlook can change the way you feel about yourself and life. However, your surroundings help too. Organizing your home the right way can give you the needed dose of happiness and positivity.

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