11 Design Tips That Can Lend Your Home Some Desi Charm!

Last updated on March 3rd, 2022

The interior of a home reflects the nature of its residents. No matter how global our workspaces become, at the end of the day, we need to feel as desi as possible when it comes to our personal space.

Here are 11 ways in which we can add some desi charm to our homes:

1. Give in to vibrant colors

Ditch boring beige walls and add an accent wall with a vibrant pattern. Throw some jewel-toned cushions on the couch.

If you are afraid that some colors might clash, add just one bright color to an otherwise neutral-toned room.
Find out more about how to use statement colors to revamp your rooms here.

2. Invest in Indian woodwork

Add an opulent Mughal-style settee or a gorgeous Kashmiri jaali-work bookcase to your room. There are dozens of traditional woodworking styles that originated in India. Using any of those can instantly give your space a desi twist!

3. Showcase traditional prints

An easy way to add some Indian flair to a room is to add some curtains, table runners, cushion covers, or bedspreads in an Indian print.

4. Bathe like royalty

Small details in your bathing space, such as an ornately framed mirror, or vintage faucets can spell desi in a big way. You can go all-in by replacing generic floor tiles with mosaic work or carved stoneware tiles. You can even replace the air freshener with ‘ittar’ and add a small dose of splendor to your bath routine.

5. Bring out desi kitchenware

Use copper and brass cooking vessels. They look great, are a lot better for slow cooking and can give your kitchen a quaint Indian-ness! Even lacquered rolling pins and knives with carved handles will be just as functional as they are aesthetic.

6. Go for gold

Small gold detailings can add a touch of desi charm to any space.

You can experiment with gold handlebars on doors and windows, or with gold-finish planters for indoor plants. You can even try infusing gold into your home with fabrics and soft furnishings.

7. Let walls feel festive

A simple flower garland or toran can change the look of a door frame. A Madhubani or Tanjore painting can also be added to beautify your wall space.

8. Let family heirlooms add a sentimental touch

Don’t lock away inherited artwork in a safe. Traditional calligraphy and even old dupattas can be framed and displayed proudly on your walls. (Tips on framing unusual objects here.)

Display old books in your bookcase. Even old typewriters and gramophones can add a touch of quirk and personality. These are ways of carrying your family history and simultaneously adding grace to your living space.

9. Embrace repurposing

Try giving different items around the house a new lease on life. Broke the lid of a kettle? Use it as a planter instead. Tore a T-shirt? Cut it into strips and weave a doormat out of it. Getting a second use out of stuff is the sign of a truly Indian household!

10. Swing in style

What could be more Indian than a ‘jhoola’, right? Swings are not just for children. You can find elegant versions of these that can even adorn your living room. Hardwood swings with hanging chains in a golden finish look especially refined.

11. Show off your travels around India

Bitten by the travel bug? Frame different souvenirs and artwork that you’ve collected from your travels around India. The living room is an especially great place to showcase these, as many pieces can become conversation starters.

Indian art forms are so diverse, that there is bound to be something for everyone. Add some desi flavor to your home, but don’t forget to start with a clean, fresh slate! Find tips on decluttering here.

Happy decorating, everyone!