13 Posh Kitchen Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Last updated on March 15th, 2021

A kitchen forms the heart of a home. From cooking elaborate meals and sitting down with the family for a quick bite, to hosting a gathering of friends, we all spend a significant amount of our time there. So, how about we look at 13 splendid kitchens to draw inspiration from and make ours worth spending time in?

1. This amazing kitchen with its beautiful island serving as a dining nook has surely been at the center of many happy times!


2. The rather deep blue used in this kitchen gives it an air of class and sophistication!

Electrolux Newsroom

3. A Minimalist design that packs the maximum impact!


4. Leave it to black to add instant mystery and elegance to a setting!


5.  An ultra-modern take on a kitchen-cum-dining area, with every décor element making a statement by itself!

HomeGrown Decor

6. A spacious kitchen done up in a combination of two stunning neutrals – wood and grey!


7. The floral backsplash adds a nice feminine touch to this space done up in mostly masculine shades!

Alinea Designs

8. So simple, yet so beautiful! The extensive use of neutrals keeps this kitchen looking roomy and bright!


9.  The lemon green used in this kitchen instantly cheers you up. What a lovely space to start your day in, every morning!


10.   A space speaking of nothing but awe-inspiring elegance! Cooking can hardly be a chore if this is the space it is done in. Wouldn’t you agree?


11.  The use of a muted green gives this modern kitchen a traditional twist!

InHouse Inspired Room Design

12.  A perfect combination of red, black and white. With the small amount of red sprinkled here and there, creating heightened visual interest!


13. A kitchen you can spend all day in! Dining, cooking, watching TV – you name it!

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