2022 Indoor Plant Trends: Read About Them Here First!

Last updated on March 30th, 2022

Plants have always been an excellent tool for bringing life to a home. And this trend is not a recent development. If you look at temple friezes and carvings from ancient Egypt, Greece, or India, you will find that plants and flowers are intrinsically woven into the culture and lifestyle of the ancients.

Today, plants are venerated as the perfect accessories for home decor. They not only succeed in giving your home a perfect finishing touch, but they also exude a feel-good factor that is hard to beat.

So, what are the 2022 plant trends we should be looking at? Let’s check them out!

Plants will dominate the scene

Plants as a decor tool may well replace art. Sure, the perfect artwork can give all the elements in the room a cohesive feel. And yet, plants infuse natural energy and beauty into a space.

Each plant has a unique appeal, be it in the way the fronds blossom, the delicate twists and turns of a tendril, or the large, lush leaves of a towering plant. It’s a tough act to beat, you have to admit!

Ficuses are in trend

Ficuses have never lost their space in the decor world. But sadly, the staid rubber plant or the weeping fig became synonyms with dreary reception areas in hospitals and clinics.

2022 trends are seeing them return with a bang. And there are many interesting ficuses to choose from. One of our favorites is the fiddle-leaf fig. As it’s versatile, you can keep the ficus indoors or out in your garden. For a bold statement, the fiddle fig with its broad leaves is ideal.

Ferns are in

Ferns are resilient and commonly seen. And when you hear the word fern, you will probably think of the Boston fern, with its fronds cascading down the side of the pot. Yes, that has always been a favorite!

But hey, why not explore other options? Maidenhead fern with its delicate leaves and wiry fronds would really spruce up your space. Ostrich fern is another interesting choice if you like quirky plants.

Anthuriums – the perennial favorites

If you are looking for a spot of color in your home, anthuriums are a perfect pick. These air-purifying wonders are pert and pretty, and easy to maintain. They are indoor plants and need only a little sunlight from your window to keep them perky.

You will find many interesting gems in the anthurium family. You can go for the bright and waxy modified leaves that resemble flowers; or the heart-shaped leaves with prominent veins, depending on your choice.

For the love of Pothos

Pothos or money plant is a hardy plant that takes no effort to maintain. What’s more, all you need are a few snippings from your neighborhood to get your pothos growing.

You can plant them in hanging baskets on your terrace, or let the tendrils crawl out of your wickerwork basket. Or how about letting your money plant flirt with shells and stones in a long jar filled with water?

As Pothos doesn’t need soil, you can find inventive ways in which to decorate your home with this plant.
Tip: They do get unruly, so give them a trim from time to time.

Decorating with plants – a few cool ideas

Decorating with plants can be an exciting adventure, once you get those creative juices flowing. Let’s check out some dandy ideas for decor with plants that are trending this year.

–A bar cart is perfect for your collection of plants. You can use a variety of plant holders in different shapes and sizes to add interest to your green theme. Let the plants do the rest!
–Play with texture and height. Mix and match the plant holders and line them up on your window sill or on a side table. ——-Terracotta or porcelain plant holders work well.
–Plants add pizzazz to a staid and boring bathroom. You can spruce it up with potted plants on the countertop or the shelving unit.
–Shelving units are a great place to keep your tiny potted plant collection. Mix and match with books, curios, and shell collections.

Using plants in home decor is all about thinking out of the box. And once you get your creative juices flowing, you will be surprised with what you can achieve.

Run out of ideas? Here’s more help! You are sure to find plenty of other home decor tips here as well.

Enjoy decorating your home, everyone!