5 Steps To A Blissful, Balanced Wellness Bubble!

Last updated on November 8th, 2023

Life has its challenging moments. Whether it is an approaching deadline or your kid’s tight schedule, it takes the pep out of you. The only place you feel you can be yourself is in the confines of your home. This makes us think. Does your home have the right ambiance to settle your nerves? Or is it a depressing chaotic scenario that makes things worse?

At the end of the day, you owe it to yourself and your family to design a space you can find solace in. A blissful environment is a balm your soul can do with. How can you achieve this? Let’s find out.

1. Your color scheme plays a vital role

Colors are a powerful medium. Some hues can stimulate and agitate your nerves. Others soothe you and have a calming effect. So, what are your options? You can’t go wrong with neutrals. However, to up the ante, go for blues and greens for a beautifully relaxing vibe. You can play around with these picks. A combination of blues and greens with beige accents works beautifully. Or you can go for an all-blue decor with varying tonal values. Dark or light wood will match beautifully with this color. Avoid loud and over-the-top patterns. Select subtle prints instead; strips are an option too.

2. Texture can iron out the harshness

Whether it’s your bedroom or the living area, cushions play a vital role. To this effect, make sure you pick cushions in various textures to give the decor a bit of depth. Layer the pile of cushions for better impact. Click here to learn more about layering.

Other elements in your decor can lend a hand too. These can be shaggy rugs, faux-fur throws, jute artifacts, and wickerwork baskets. This is the best way to achieve an appealing decor without a lot of fuss.

3. Focus on the function

While it is tempting to scatter playstations, books, and foosball tables in all areas of your home, this will take away the essence of the spaces and add chaos. It’s best to narrow down the basic function of your space and stick to the agenda. A reading area will need a bookshelf and comfy chairs. You can let your kids indulge themselves with bright colors and vibrancy in the play area. As for your bedroom, less is more. So think sober colors and a decluttered space with large windows for plenty of light. Soothing blue and grey shades are your best bet.

4. A day bed in your living area

It is not possible to designate special areas for every activity, as today highrises and small spaces are the norm. Under the circumstances, a day bed in the living room is a wonderful addition for an afternoon nap or for some relaxing ‘me’ time when you have your face pack on. Make sure to place it in a corner away from the seating area for a relaxing snooze. A window next to the day bed can do wonders for this space.

5. Pamper your senses

Your sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing need pampering for a calming effect on your body. To cater to them, make sure there are plenty of plants, plush cushions, scented candles, or lavender essential oils in your home. And yes, some soft music will add to the ambiance when you need it most. We must not forget taste! A glass of wine or lemonade will be rejuvenating. Just the thing to come home to, after a tiring day at work!

Our thoughts

With the challenges we face every day, stress-busters in the home are essential for well-being. However, detoxing your bedroom at night is essential too. Click on the link to know how. For more tips on home decor and well-being, go to homebliss.in. You can contact us for a consultation.