6 Chic & Eco-Friendly Christmas Décor Ideas With A Minimalistic Spin

Christmas décor doesn’t need to be overwhelming on you and the eyes with the usual decking-out of your home in red, green and gold. Why not try it the Scandinavian way making ‘less is more’ your mantra, instead?

Here are 6 uber-chic sustainable Christmas décor ideas that are easy to replicate and stunning to look at! Give them a go this Christmas!

1. An Alternative Christmas Tree This Year?

Create this uber-modern, DIY Christmas tree with just a few wooden dowels and some help from your local handyman or carpenter. These can be great for small spaces and are an unusually elegant take on the usual ornament-heavy Christmas trees.

2. Time To Rethink The Christmas Wreath

Goodbye store-bought artificial wreaths. Welcome understated elegance! Try this simple DIY wreath this year which is extremely easy to copy and looks as stunning as it is easy to make. Use an embroidery hoop available easily in craft-stores, (in metal or wood) and just tie a few sprigs of fresh leaves to a corner. You can customize the message on the ribbon you see attached in the pic. How cool is that?

3. Let’s Deliberately Simplify Lighting

Just cut out a few stars using craft paper and glue them onto a string of fairy lights (rice lights) for your very own DIY-ed Christmas lights! Hang these in your kids’ room to give it some festive cheer!

4. How About A Stunningly Unique Chandelier?

Celebrate with nature this year, by creating your own unique chandelier made with a branch, some fish-wire and Christmas ornaments in white and gold. Hang your stunning handiwork over your dining table or the foyer to welcome your guests with!

5.  Sustainable Christmas Decor

Leave the flowers out. Get branches and mason jars instead. Look at these stunning hygge (pronounced hyu-ga) table arrangements that ooze style and simplicity. All you need are a few mason jars, a few dried twigs and branches, candles and DIY-ed paper snowflakes (there are plenty of tutorials available online, to make them) and you’re all set! Create pretty vignettes in high-traffic areas for that perfect uber-classy Christmas-y vibe.

6. Brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-strings!

What goes under a minimalist tree? Pretty gifts wrapped-up in simple, understated paper wrapping, with some twine and a few twigs replacing plasticky-looking bows and ties. What say?
Here’s wishing you a sustainable and merry X-mas!