6 More Interior Design Trends That’ll Be Hot In 2022

Last updated on January 17th, 2022

Come the new year, designers and decor enthusiasts are on the lookout to see what spanking new trends they’ll get to see, for while it’s important to design a space the way it feels right for you, trends can be a great way to add some excitement to things when they start to seem dull.

Well, there’s no dearth of them in 2022, but the last couple of years and the challenging times they’ve brought with them, have changed things even in this space, and being ‘perfectly imperfect’ has assumed a significant status in lives and homes.

If you’ve missed the last installment of hot 2022 trends that we brought to you, you can find it here.

And as promised, here are 6 more 2022 decor trends that are all about looking at the beauty in the flawed, the asymmetrical, and the unique. Have a look!

1. Concrete – in color!

Bathrooms trends of late have been about keeping things serene and monastic almost but not compromising on personality.
Concrete, which is already a popular material in the design world, will see a bit of a moment in 2022, with colored concrete in all its vivid hues lending depth, texture, and style to scores of kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior extensions.

And colored concrete also forms the perfect design choice as the colored pigment runs all the way into the material, ensuring that chipping or any other such damage doesn’t show easily.

2. Multifunctionality in spaces and things 

The focus on multifunctional spaces, things, and furniture is going to see a spike this year. Months and months of staying indoors has made people get a better understanding of how to optimize the use of their space by introducing more than one function in a single space.

Even designers are reconsidering the use of spaces in homes and trying to make them more multifunctional and their use more fluid.

3. All things neutral and natural

After more than a year of living and working in the confines of their homes, people are leaning towards creating a peaceful environment for themselves, which naturally lends itself to neutral colors.
And neutrals and natural colors never really go out of style. But this year will see a lot more of them with gray, white, beige, and brown walls dominating the decor scene. As will walls in natural earth colors like varying shades of green that tend to give a Zen-like feel to spaces.

4. Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

The new year will see a shift in the way people think about furniture, accessories lighting, and design, with sustainability and staying eco-friendly, taking precedence over everything else. And from the looks of it, energy-efficient products and sustainability will gain more and more popularity even in the years to come.

5. Big doses of Japandi

One of the most popular trends of 2022 will be big doses of the Japandi style of decor making an appearance everywhere. Wondering what Japandi is? It is a Scandinavian-Japanese mix of decor styles that you can read about here.

6. Textiles that spell luxury

2022 will see homes adding color, texture, and depth using luxurious textiles. So, not only will you see Vintage making a comeback, but many old-world, rich fabrics will have their moment this year.

You’ll see homes accomplishing this with layers in the bedroom and different materials being used as accents in living rooms. These vibrant fabrics will also help balance the neutral tones in the rest of the home.

Happy decorating, everyone!