6 Things You’d Be Surprised Make A Difference To The Decor Of Your Home

Last updated on October 14th, 2021

Everyone dreams of a home where everything is picture perfect. From the curtains you choose to the bathroom sink you invest in, every element in your dream home reflects who you are and what you like. But, did you know what specific elements in your house can truly make it stand out from the rest?

Well, allow us to take you on this feel-good ride, where we tell you how certain home decor elements can turn your humble abode into a truly extraordinary space!

1. Plants Chatter

Most of us love plants and whether you decide to go all out with a full-fledged garden or place cute little succulents on your desk, you’ve given in to this love as well.
But let’s admit it, they’re still a very under-rated decor accessory. Yes, vertical gardens are trending, and people are now growing herbs and veggies organically, right in their kitchens. But for the amount of potential these spectacular design elements hold, coupled with the fact that they can help us live longer, don’t you think we need to give them way more space inside our homes?
The bottom line? Plants add life to any space you keep them in. Let’s make room for them in our decor!

2. Let Walls Speak

Walls are the pillars of your house, and with the right choice of paint or wallpaper, they hold the potential to become true showstoppers in your space. So, whether you choose to keep your walls pristine with white paint and use them to showcase your wall-art or go colorful with textured paint or a statement wallpaper, it’s important to remember that your walls can speak, if you let them!

3. Hang in There, Chair!

With most of us working from our homes and sitting in front of our laptops throughout the day, having a hanging chair (or two!) can help stir things up a bit and break the monotony. Not only will it help you find a dedicated space to unwind after a long day but will also add a quirky decor element to your interiors. And if you have kids at home, trust us, in their world, nothing’s more fun than a chair to swing in!

4. Cool Cabinets

Cabinets solve two purposes in your home. They don’t just help you organize your home by keeping things out of plain sight, but with the right amount of creativity, also have the power to become focal points in the spaces they occupy. It all comes down to your choice of cabinets then. Choose them wisely (and with adequate abandon), and give your home a sense of order and tons of oomph!

5. Glowing Glamour

If walls are the body, lights form the soul of a home. Nobody likes dull and dark spaces. Of course, we dim the lights while watching a movie or switch them off once we hit the bed, but the rest of the time, the house feels like home only with the right lighting – not too little, and not too much!
The right lighting holds the key to washing your home in a pleasant glow and adding unspeakable beauty to every design aspect of your home. Why do you think that sculpted Italian marble piece in your home is such a conversation starter, if not because of how beautifully it is illuminated?
It’s worth remembering then – not to let lighting in your home become an afterthought!

6. Finale with Furnishings

Furnishings form the cherry-on-top when it comes to home decor. They add a touch of fineness to your decor by hiding what’s flawed and accentuating what’s worth flaunting!
Don’t underestimate your range of colorful bedsheets, that, all nicely tucked in, bring in a feeling of order. Or the satiny curtains that don’t just give you privacy but also help illuminate your room naturally. Not to mention, those soft-as-a-feather cushions that make cuddling so much fun during movie viewings. So, rest assured, your investment in expensive furnishings is worth every penny, if not more!

These tiny little things that often go unnoticed, can significantly impact how good our home looks. After all, everything that we bring home has a purpose, and each element has its importance. Happy decorating, everyone!
Did we miss anything? Let us know if anything comes to mind!