7 Decor Trends You’ll See Everywhere In 2022

Last updated on July 2nd, 2022

Like each new year, 2022 has brought with it new colors, materials, and moods. But this time around, it’s different.

After a rather difficult 2020 and 2021, having stayed indoors and seen life-as-we-knew-it altering in front of our very eyes, the way we want to live and consequently the way we want our homes to look has altered subtly.

Home decor choices the world over have seen a shift from polished to functional as houses have truly become homes.

So, as the world comes out of the last two years, blinking into the sunlight, here are 7 fresh-out-of-the-oven perfectly imperfect new year trends everyone will be seen embracing!

1. The use of arches

2022 will see arched doors becoming big in the decor scene and hard and straight lines making way for gentle curves. Arched decor that naturally makes you want to relax, will start to dot the decor scene until it seems truly contemporary.

2. Accents in green and pink

The pandemic and its effects on our lives have changed the way we view and perceive many things. Like the way we see and are impacted by the colors around us. Curiously, the 2022 decor scene will be ruled by shades of green and pink – two colors that as per color psychology, are soothing and signal safety and comfort to the brain. Not surprising, as these are two feelings we all have been starving for, throughout the harrowing last two years.

3. Curvacious furniture and accents

2022 will also see curved furniture and accents making a big splash in the decor world as more and more people will revive this mid-century trend in their homes with curvy couches, mirrors, and other statement furniture pieces.

4. Biophilic homes

The color green is going to get a lot of focus in 2022, with people opting for nature-centered or biophilic designs and live plants gaining more and more popularity in the decor world. The idea behind a biophilic design is to create a visual connection with nature with natural light, ventilation, and plants – all of which can make a space calming.

This isn’t a surprising trend as after more than a year of being inside their homes, people are trying to regain their connect with the outdoors and natural world by bringing nature into their homes.

5. Uber-cute illustrated bows

2022 will also see furnishings, fabrics, and wallpapers sporting illustrated bows – reminding us of the happy anticipation one experiences when receiving a gift topped with a beautiful bow! Imagine being filled with that glee, everytime you see it around you!

6. Vintage making a big comeback

Vintage furniture is going to be ‘in’ this year, with more and more people turning to repurposed and ethically-sourced furniture and accessories that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly options for home decor that also happen to have a timeless appeal.

7. DIY art as decor

2021 saw more and more people using art and craft as a way to find peace and distraction from the chaos outside.

And this will continue to see an increase in 2022 with people trying newer and more sustainable materials and ways of crafting and engaging in ‘mindful making’.

And as houses become homes in the true sense, people want their spaces to reflect who they are and what they love and accessories and pieces they’ve DIY-ed will find a prominent place in their home decor.

Watch this space for more trends the new year will see. Happy new year everyone!

And have fun decorating!