7 Hottest Kitchen Design Trends For 2018

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Here’s a sneak peek into what professional designers say the trends this year will be. 

Get ready to witness what some of the finest kitchens will look like in the year 2018!

1. The Color Purple

Courtesy: dreamsambassador

Another trend that 2018 will see will be the use of deep purple and violet known to exude a feeling of elegance and luxury, profusely in kitchen designs. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen this will be a color to be on the lookout for.

Courtesy: bigchill

2. Black Cabinets

Courtesy: interiorzine

You will be seeing a lot of black in kitchen cabinetry this year. The all white trend of 2017 will give way to experimenting with darker and bolder hues this year. What will also be in vogue with black are deep navy and forest green.

Courtesy: mybktouch

3. Walls In Warm Tones

Courtesy: homestratosphere

All the dark cabinetry this year will be accompanied by neutral shades like bright white and other warmer tones like beige making an appearance on the walls.

Courtesy: memorabledecor

4. Open shelf Space

Courtesy: caurora

Another hot trend to watch out for this year will be open shelves.
Open shelving is a great way of displaying china and other curios and also provides an illusion of more space and you will see plenty of it this year.

Courtesy: neronoir.dk

5. Recessed Lighting

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You will not find much pendants lighting appearing over kitchen islands this year, as this trend is giving way to recessed and other forms of closer-to-the-ceiling lighting which gives a space a clutter-free look.

6. Brass Highlights

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Another trend this year will be the extensive use of brass accents whether it’s in the drawer handles, the hardware, plumbing or in the use of accessories.

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7. Dark Marble Countertops

Courtesy: hgtv

Dark and deep countertops are going to make a comeback in a big way this year.

Courtesy: hgtv

Natural stones in darker hues like black, dark green and different shades of rust will be a popular choice when it comes to selecting countertops.