8 Design Trends To Watch For In 2020

Last updated on August 15th, 2020

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the trends whether it is your wardrobe or your home interiors, then it is time for you to begin thinking of the changes you want to be making in your home décor to stay on top of your game.

From what colors and patterns to choose from to which design styles to embrace, here’s a quick take from the experts, on what 2020 will have in store for us.

1. Color Of The Year

Courtesy: Laurajanedean

‘Nightwatch green’ a shade that is moodier than what is popularly known as ‘bottle green’, is what will make the cut in 2020. It’s an easy color to incorporate into a setting as a feature wall or in accent pieces as this color goes well with most glossy finishes and design elements.
Keep this shade in mind, if you’re planning on getting your house painted before the festive season and stay ahead of the trend while others try to catch up!

2. Multi-functional Furniture

Courtesy: Milled

One of the most popular trends that 2020 will witness will be the extensive use and popularity of multi-functional furniture in urban spaces, that will be able to adapt well in all kinds of challenging spaces without running short on style in any way.

3. Whimsical Boho Décor

Courtesy: Nwiyouthfootball.org

The whimsical Boho style is coming back with a bang, after being almost absent from the design scene for a while now. Get ready to get creative with your fabrics and colorful accents and to embrace fearlessly what your heart feels a pull for, no matter how different or over-the-top it happens to be.

4. Terazzo Patterns

Courtesy: Qualitybath

Are you wondering what terrazzo means? It is the name for patterns that resemble what is known as ‘mosaic’ flooring in India. A material consisting of chips of marble, granite and glass.
2020 will see terrazzo gripping the interior design scene solidly, with people finding more and more creative ways of covering surfaces with this confetti-like pattern whether they are couches, walls, kitchen backsplashes or lampshades.

5. Statement Ceilings

Courtesy: Paintandpaperlibrary

2020 will see scores of homes making quite a statement with painted, lacquered or wallpapered ceilings, making all eyes go upwards. The impressions that these ceilings will leave on the audience will be far more than any accent or any feature wall can ever aspire to leave. So, go right ahead, choose your color!

6. Curves In Furniture


Curved furniture will make a major comeback in 2020, with curved couches lending a feminine softness and subtlety to interiors the world over. You will see many a table and even rugs take on a rather curvy shape, in the coming months. If you just want to test the waters and don’t want to commit to the trend fully with a curved couch, think of a smaller piece like a side chair or a curved wooden bench.

7. Tribal Patterns

Courtesy: theculturetrip

While going minimal will still be popular in 2020, warm, ethnic and tribal-inspired patterns are going to be taking the edge off of them in a big way, whether they are woven into the accessories, or play a major role in the décor scheme.
If you aren’t game to go all bold into the ethnic-tribal inspired style of décor, you might want to consider adding them in smaller doses as accessories like throws, cushions and rugs.

8. Eco-Friendly Interiors

Courtesy: Home-designing

With the currently over-burdened state of our environment, it’s nice to see be able to forecast that the coming year will witness many smarter and eco-friendlier interior design ideas. Ideas that are designed to give back to the environment as much as they take. These will include more and more living rooms sporting vertical living walls, and furniture made out of repurposed and recycled materials, leaving subtler carbon footprints in their wake.