9 Stylish Wooden Screen Ideas That Are Too Pretty For Words

Last updated on April 12th, 2022

Folding screens have been used for decades as room dividers and privacy screens. And now, with the advent of open-plan home designs and their widespread popularity, they are more useful than ever as they can be used to partition a room flexibly and stylishly. But a wooden screen is another important piece of furniture, so choose carefully.

The screen should look cohesive with the rest of the room. It can be an excellent opportunity to introduce another design element to the room. And, of course, wood is the preferred material here – natural and a breeze to maintain.

     1. Neutral and modern

If the decor of your room reflects a clean, mid-century modern style, pick a neutral-colored screen to go with the scheme. A heavily carved screen would look entirely out of place. Select a tall screen with a simple geometric pattern for the best effect

     2. Vintage carved wood

If your room is vintage-inspired or has an eclectic mix of old and new curiosities, this option may be the best. Add another touch of Indian handicrafts with a Mughal or Shekhawati piece. Try to keep the color neutral, though. The carving speaks for itself and does not need loud colors.

     3. Japanese screen

A Japanese screen has translucent paper held taut on a wooden frame in its simplest form. These screens provide privacy without cutting off all the natural light. They are delicate and elegant, and minimal. However, there are options with richly painted paper screens available as well. Go as minimal or as striking as you please.

     4. Bookshelf-as-a-screen

If you do not wish to buy an additional piece of furniture, bookshelves can become the natural dividers in a room. For example, you can use an open shelf to demarcate an office area in the living room. Or use the bookshelf as a boundary line for a book nook in the bedroom.

     5. Wooden blinds

A straightforward horizontal blind pattern is a cliché for a reason- it works very well. It can effectively separate two areas in a room. It is relatively easy to maintain as compared to paper or glass screens. If your room is already busy and cannot accommodate more designs, this is a safe bet.

     6. A colorful divider

A wooden screen can be an opportunity to add a fresh pop of color to an otherwise bare room. Green and pink accents are trending in 2022, so you can add these colors to the screen.

     7. Glass and wood divider

If Japanese screens are too flimsy for your liking, here is a sturdier alternative. Translucent or textured glass mounted on a wooden frame provides a balance between privacy and openness.

     8. Ropework on wood

The Bohemian souls will love this option. A rope or other fiber woven on a wooden frame will give your room a relaxed, beach-inspired vibe. If you know the art of macramé, try this as a DIY project!

     9. Fabric on wood

Think of these blinds as a more robust version of curtains. Since the fabric snaps onto the wooden frame, you can change the room’s entire look by simply replacing the cloth. The designs, patterns, and colors come in endless possibilities.

Room dividers are the easiest way to deal with too large an area. But, they must reflect a conscious design choice. Ensure that the wooden screen that you choose enhances the look of both the areas that it is dividing.

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Happy decorating, everyone!