Are You A Good House Guest? Here Are 6 Ways To Find Out!

Last updated on November 6th, 2022

You know the saying – treat others’ homes as you would want yours treated. A great house guest is someone who is fun to be around. You’re always up for a good time, and make sure everyone has a good time when you’re around.But what does that mean?

A perfect house guest shows consideration toward the host and their home, and they go out of their way to be respectful and tidy. Follow these six surefire signs, and your host will always be happy to have you as a guest in their home.

1. You’re on Time

Being on time is one of the qualities that make you a great house guest. You don’t want to keep your hosts waiting, so you show up when you say you will. This shows that you respect their time and are considerate of their schedules.Another sign of a great house guest is that you’re always prepared. You bring everything you need with you and don’t ask your hosts for things like toothpaste or shampoo.

2. You Get a Small Gift

When you take a small gift to your friend’s house, it shows that you have thought of them and appreciate their hospitality. Your host will certainly be pleased to receive a thoughtful gift from you.In addition to taking a gift, you also ensure to take your shoes off at the door and not track dirt or mud through the house. You respect your host’s home and do your best to keep it clean. You also try to be as quiet as possible to avoid disturbing your friend or their family.

3. You Help with Dinner

If you’re a great house guest, you’ll likely go above and beyond to help with dinner. Whether offering to cook, setting the table, or washing dishes, you’ll be happy to lend a hand. This shows that you’re considerate and willing to pitch in, making you a great guest.Overall, If you help with dinner, respect your hosts’ belongings, and make good conversation, then your hosts will be happy to have you over and over again.

4. You Keep Your Things Clean and Organized

A great house guest is someone considerate of their host’s home. It would help if you cared to keep your hosts’ things clean and organized and be careful not to damage any of their belongings. You should respect the host’s rules and privacy. You must understand that the home is the host’s domain and do your best to make yourself welcome without being intrusive.

5. You Get to Know Your Host

Putting in effort and getting to know the people you are staying with makes you a good house guest. This quality shows that you are interested in learning about your hosts’ lives and experiences. A great house guest is also a good conversationalist, and they can contribute to conversations in a meaningful way. You should respect other people’s opinions, even if they differ from your point of view.

6. You’re Considerate of Your Hosts’ Schedule and Routine

You’re a great house guest if you’re considerate of your hosts’ schedule and routine. You don’t expect them to entertain you 24/7, and you’re happy to spend time alone if they’re busy. You also go out of your way to help with things around the house, like cooking, cleaning, or running errands. Lastly, you try to get along with everyone in the household, including pets. You’re polite and friendly, and you go out of your way to make conversation. You understand that not everyone will always see eye-to-eye, but you try to be considerate, respectful, and easy to get along with.


If you exhibit any or all of these six signs, congratulations — you’re a great house guest! The next time you’re invited to stay with friends or family, know that you’ll be welcomed with open arms and treated like royalty. And if you ever have the opportunity to return the favor, make sure to extend the same warmth and hospitality to your guests. You must have your guest room organized with all the essentials your guest might need. If you are confused about where to start, visit homebliss for fun blogs on making your house more presentable.