Design Ideas You Can Totally Steal From Hotel Rooms

Last updated on December 14th, 2022

A gorgeous and comfortable hotel room is one of the perks of travel. The luxury of the soft linen, the comfy bed, and the enchanting view are something we hate to leave behind when we head home. Sigh… if only we could take the room back with us! Well, that isn’t possible. But you can easily replicate that vibe in your home, with a few changes.

Skeptical? You need not be. With a few tweaks here and there, you can steal these hotel room ideas and give your bedroom a charming vibe! Read on to find out how.

Splurge on Good Bedding

The comfort of a cozy hotel bed is undeniable. Be it the pristine white linen, the soft comforter, or the extravagant collection of throw pillows. Sightseeing goes for a toss when you are ensconced in its comfort. So, how to achieve this look? Here goes:

  • Buy the best possible linen

  • Change the mattress if it’s had its day

  • Get some silk or soft cotton pillowcases

  • Tuck in the corners neatly by folding them, hotel style

We suggest you add an upholstered headboard to complete the look.

Go Neutral

Most classy hotel rooms use neutrals, especially beige, in their décor. Add a touch of gold to this look, and voila! Your room will look like a million dollars! We suggest using neutrals on the walls, bed linen, or throw rugs. To get a bit of color in the décor, try tasteful throw cushions for the desired effect.

For the gold element, we suggest you introduce brass lampshades, chandeliers, or artifacts to the mix and let your bedroom ooze luxury.

Do it with Lighting

To emulate hotel room lighting, go for table lamps, chandeliers, and recessed lighting in the skirting. Traditional lampshades are ideal for this vibe and work beautifully on matching bedside tables. Synchrony works here as hotels rarely mismatch furniture pieces.

Wall sconces are another way to bring a soft glow to your room. But who can resist the charm of the good old lampshade?

Natural Light is the Perfect Design Element

Dark shades absorb light, while light shades reflect light. That is why the combination of neutral shades with large windows is popular in hotel room decor. Hotel room designers make maximum use of the windows to let natural light in. We suggest you use sheers or light curtains in your rooms so that daylight can come in. That way, you get the charm of sunlight streaming into the room in the daytime and a cozy look come night. Make sure your framework is slim and appealing to do justice to the window. If possible, opt for sliding french windows for maximum impact.

Elegance with Textures

You will find that hotel rooms have a play of textures in their rugs, throw cushions, and comfy chairs. It’s easy to carry forward this look in your bedroom. Find throw pillows in different patterns, textures, and fabrics without going over the top with your colors. A bedside patterned rug will add an interesting element to the look. Area rugs for your occasional table or bedside add charm to the decor.

We advise you to layer rugs and go for wall-to-wall carpeting in neutral shades with a pop of color or pattern in the area rugs.

Pop of Colour on Neutrals

There are times when neutral shades can seem dull. You can have your cake and eat it, too, by adding a pop of color to your neutral theme. It can be throw cushions, rugs, or artwork. The color will breathe new life into your décor, just the thing you need to elevate your mood.

However, go easy on the color, or you will kill the neutral look.

Tasteful Wall Art

A great way to breathe life into your decor is by dressing up the walls in appealing artwork. It can be family photos, monochromes, or prints. It doesn’t matter as long as it elevates the look of your space.

Final Words

Getting a hotel decor vibe in your bedroom is easy peasy once you follow these tips. And, if you need help with your home decor ideas, is the answer. We have a treasure trove of exciting ideas to inspire you to improve your decor. Check them out today.