Diwali Rangolis: 9 Modern Rangoli Ideas To Make Your Diwali Splendidly Colorful

Last updated on October 13th, 2022

Need inspiration for Instagram-worthy and out-of-the-box rangoli ideas this Diwali? Look no further! Adorn your entryway with alluring and colorful rangoli designs in unique patterns and styles to welcome Goddess Lakshmi.

Here are 9 rangoli designs that combine tradition and creativity for that extra wow factor.
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1. Flower rangoli

Keeping with the tradition of eco-friendly Diwali, flower rangoli is a visual treat. You can take flowers of your choice such as marigolds, roses, daisies, and more. Make sure to choose varied colors for a nice effect.

Arrange the flowers in a spiral pattern, or in the shape of the swastika, or get creative with whatever design you have in mind!

2. Rangoli with diyas

You can create a LIT rangoli design by simply arranging diyas or earthen lamps in beautiful symmetry. Make sure to get the diyas ready with oil and wicks before you start making rangoli as it may get difficult to fill them later. For an added oomph, you can use some rose petals and marigolds around the diyas.

3. Rangoli with floating candles

This rangoli design stands out by combining the calming effects of water and the soft illumination of floating candles. Take a bowl full of water and carefully arrange colorful floating candles along with flowers into it. It will look perfect in the entryway.

4. Acrylic rangoli

Beads and pearls can be used to create a stunning rangoli design. You can either go for the store-bought variety or take the DIY route if you have a creative streak. There are tons of youtube videos on creating your own designs, not to mention scores of ready-made ones available for you to choose from!

5. Rangoli using a paintbrush

This rangoli design is perfect for those of you who love to paint. You can create a hand-painted rangoli design to portray traditional symbols or motifs that you like. All you need is your painting brush and some colors to get started.
You can start by tracing the borders first and then filling them up as you go. You can create a 3D rangoli by using dual shades of colors or tracing lines to spin an attractive symmetry. There is no limit to what you can do with a paintbrush.

6. Rice flour Rangoli

Let us create a traditional rangoli design using just rice flour. Yes, you heard it right. Just the way our ancestors used to. You can choose to use the dry flour or mix it in water to make a thick watery rangoli-batter, if you will, and get creative! The ants will thank you for this one!

7. Powder rangoli

Here’s another way to create rangolis – using your creativity and colorful rangoli powders. The sky is the limit to what you can do here.

And for those who find it hard to create rangoli designs, stencils are there to the rescue. All you need to do is put the stencil on the floor and pour colors over it. Now lift the stencil carefully, and you will have a pretty rangoli design ready underneath. It is one of the best options to try to save time and effort.

8. Edible rangoli

For all our food lovers out there, we have something for you as well. Get creative this Diwali and create a truly unique edible rangoli design made with your favorite sweets.

You can make one with dry fruits as well!

9. Leaves rangoli

Couldn’t get your hands on flowers for making rangoli? Don’t worry, we got you! You can create nature-inspired rangoli using leaves. This last-minute rangoli idea looks very attractive indeed. Owing to their auspiciousness, mango leaves are perfect for this rangoli, but you can use any green leaves.

You can also make a garland of leaves to get a neat outline. Add a few marigold flowers here and there for a nice pop of color.

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Have a splendid Diwali, everyone! And an equally splendid time preparing for it!