Everything You Need To Know About Recessed Lighting

Last updated on December 14th, 2022

Lighting as a home décor tool came into its own a few decades ago. It is no more a feature used just to illuminate the room but an important element in home décor. Over the years, lighting has taken major strides and is now a much sought-after feature for home and office décor.

As such, a bit of knowledge about recessed lighting can help you introduce this exciting element to your home décor. So, if you want to add a bit of drama to your décor, all you need is the flick of a switch to change the mood. For tips and tricks, read on.

Layer the Lights

Recessed spots are an excellent way to add a classy touch to your space. However, these lights alone can make the room gloomy. For a great ambiance, you will need to use layers of lighting such as chandeliers, diffused spots in your cabinetry, or table lamps. You can opt for the standard yellow light or go for colors to introduce a seductive or warm tone to your decor. Dimmers can help you reduce the light when you are in a romantic mood.

Define Your False Ceiling

Your false ceiling is a vital part of your decor, and without the proper lighting, it can lose its charm. To get a better vibe, you can use diffused lighting or go the LED way. Colored LED lights add a bit of glamour to the look. You can opt for uniform appeal or lights that throw shadows on the ceiling.

Recessed lighting can be used under the bed frame or the skirting, too, to give the room a romantic and warm feel. A stairwell with diffused lights can be your style statement.

Recessed Lights on Kitchen Counters

Some areas in your home, such as the kitchen, need task lights to make the job easier. Also, welding a knife can be tricky without proper illumination. Countertop lights, under the circumstances, are a saving grace. A series of pendant lights will take care of the rest of the area.

Introduce recessed lights to showcase the crockery collection in your glass cabinets. These stand-out cabinets will give your kitchen a professional touch.

Play of Light on Your Ceiling

Diffused lightings that throw pools of illumination on the ceiling are a fabulous way to give the room a warm glow. This concept can work from the top of the cabinetry in your kitchen or your living room. The medley of lights from the spots, the pendants, and the ceiling give the space a surreal look.

A point to note: Make sure to provide recessed task lights on your kitchen counter to make chopping easier.

Enhance Your Accent Wall

Apart from the functional approach, lighting can add glamor to the decor. You can light up artwork or your headboard with recessed lights. Or you can let the lights follow the lines in your decor and enhance them with diffused lights. This out-of-the-world look will take your breath away.

Moreover, LED strip lights are eco-friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about inflated bills when you leave the lights on.

Glaring Lights are Best Avoided

It’s easy to get carried away with the concept of layered lighting. The result is glaring lights that can cause dizziness. Make sure to use low-powered lights to avoid such situations.

Use recessed LED lights in moderation. The blue tinge in these lights makes the room look cold and clinical, something we don’t want in our homes. Try warm yellow tones for an inviting look.

Don’t Forget the Energy Exits

To cut down on energy costs and discomfort, try to use air-sealed fixtures that control heat loss. This is because the heat congregates on the ceiling from the lights. Gaps in the fixtures can aggravate the problem. Your lighting contractor will be the best judge on how to achieve this.

Final Thoughts

Lighting is a home decor essential. And recessed lighting is a must-have for elegant and classy decor. Getting it right isn’t difficult. However, getting your head around the placement and the choices isn’t always easy. But hey. That’s what we are here for. Just log in to homebliss.in and find out more about the charm of lighting and other home decor issues.