Feasting In Style: 6 Emerging Dining Room Trends

Last updated on November 13th, 2023

A peek into the past will tell you that a dining table was a very important part of the home. The Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians all congregated around the table for hearty meals. And yes, they knew about benches long before we did. While some like the Egyptian tables were elaborate, the others were rustic wooden affairs, hardy and comfortable. Today, eating on the couch while we watch Netflix is a common practice.

Nonetheless, a perfect dining table style is essential for family dinners and entertaining. So, what is trending in the world of dining tables? To get a clear picture, let’s take a look at emerging trends.

1. Dark Wood is Ruling

Wood is rich, and it’s the ultimate style statement. Pair your table with wicker, wooden, or woven chairs to bring out the flavor of the material. For a rustic vibe, cut back on the gloss. A candelabra would fit right in if you want to add a vintage vibe. To take it up a notch, add an interesting runner and an area rug to the mix.

2. A Touch of Glamor

Can we ever have enough of glamor? To get the perfect touch, add quaint lamps and wall art. A play of colors can do wonders too, when you go for rich browns or grays on your walls and mimic the shade on your chairs. Exuberant! And hey, if you can maintain it, a patterned area rug under the table will rock your world!

You may want to try mix-and-match chair ideas for your dining table. They are in trend!

3. Extra-long Tables

Long and handsome. There is something about long and slim tables that appeals to the eye, especially as the end chairs are missing. A wooden table is ideal for this style, especially when paired with classy matching chairs. A bench won’t work in this setup, so steer clear. And hey, pair the wood with a jute runner to take it to another level. Large light fixtures in bold shapes will accentuate the look of your wooden table.

4. Lighting Tricks

It can be a statement pendant light in the center of the table or a quirky affair, leaning over your table. Both have oodles of appeal and add pizzazz to your space. There are a lot of options. You can pick the light fixture after your table is in place, so you can get a fitting that suits the decor. A table lamp on the sideboard or console will fit right in and elevate the look, too.

5. Open-plan Dining

Most of us have an open-plan dining area. A private dining room is a luxury by any measure! But, no worries, these dining spaces add a lot of character to your decor and once you add an area rug under the table, you get a separate space without the bother of a partition! Your lighting can do the trick too. For lighting tips, click on this link.

6. Go with Your Heart

If you feel shackled by trends and design rules, put your stamp on the decor by going for what your heart desires. This can be done by mixing the old with the new, giving a coat of paint to your existing chairs in a variety of pastel shades, or picking up stools, chairs, and benches in different designs. Let your heart rule, and you will get a very warm and inviting space. To bring the look together, make sure to add some plants and interesting artwork to your space.

Our Thoughts

There is a vast variety of styles and settings to choose from. Unfortunately, we can’t share all of these variations here. However, once you browse through our website, you will get a better insight into different styles and how to ease them into your existing decor. And if you feel you need a helping hand, we are here to see you through the process. Log in to

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