Find Out If Gothic Decor Is Something You’d Like To Try!

Last updated on July 27th, 2022

Gothic architecture and decor is a significant style dating back to the Middle Ages. Think of gargoyles, cathedrals, manor houses, castles, dark tones, and pointed arches – all of these are exclusive characteristics of the Gothic style. It has an edgy, mysterious vibe to it. If all of these sound intriguing to you, read on to find out if the Gothic decor is something you’d like to try!

Defined by moody, intricate design elements, here are a few ways to add a Gothic touch to your space:

Start with dark furniture and accent pieces

An excellent way to add a definitive Gothic touch to your space is to add dark-toned furniture. Sofas, dining tables, and storage units take up the majority of the space in an area and can become the focal pieces there. Using such pieces crafted from darker wood with metallic hardware can turn your room into a Gothic galore without going overboard. Start with these main pieces and work your way into the smaller elements to embrace a Gothic decor style.

Define the backdrop with intricate wallpapers

If you want the Gothic ambiance without a lot of fuss, a great solution is to use intricate wallpapers in your room. Dark-toned wallpapers with decorative patterns were a popular element in Gothic interiors and can instantly transform any room into a middle-aged, royal, cathedral-style space. Choose monochromatic wallpapers in greys and browns with metallic details for a rustic look. Wallpapers help you make a bold statement, especially in compact rooms where there isn’t much room for big pieces of furniture.

Add candles and light fixtures to set the tone

Candles and light fixtures determine the ambiance of a room and turn it into a cozier, more inviting space. The Gothic style was developed before the invention of electricity. This meant that a lot of importance was given to lighting through lamps and candles. Add warm, glowy lighting to your room through vintage light fixtures and a wide array of candles. This creates a play of light and shadows within the room, another feature of the Gothic style.

Don’t forget chandeliers and crown moldings

Chandeliers are a very elegant way to add lighting and luxury to any space. They become the focal point of any room when hung in the center or even over dining tables or in a study. Another way to get the authentic Gothic style in your space is to add crown moldings on top of your walls in all your rooms. This will guarantedly transport you to medieval royal times.

Turn back time with vintage decor pieces

Another way to travel back in time is to invest in vintage decor pieces. Furniture pieces like a grandfather’s clock or an elegant writing desk can give your space a Gothic touch. If you want to go the more subtle route, you can try home decor pieces like vases, baskets, mirrors, and wall clocks. These add points of interest throughout your space and serve as excellent conversation starters. For a more dramatic effect, you can also add drapery in darker shades of red, maroon, brown, and grey. This will make the Gothic theme pop out and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Finish up with dried flowers and foliage

Now that you’ve covered all the main features of the Gothic style, you can add the final touches to go the extra mile and fully embrace this decorating style. Finish up your space with dried flowers and foliage to add a nostalgic touch to your home. You can add dried flowers in vases and pots around the house and use dried foliage as wall decor or backdrops for your rooms. They can also add a touch of glamour to your bookshelves and display units.

Gothic architecture and interior design have a lot of interesting elements to them. While they may not be to everybody’s liking, they can certainly give your home a unique characteristic. Try some of these tips to turn your home into a magical Gothic manor. If you’re looking for interesting decorative styles for your space, you’ll find a wide variety on the Homebliss blog at