Getting A Dining Table? Find Out What’s The Right Shape For You

Last updated on August 5th, 2022

The dining table is arguably the most important of all the furniture. Firstly, since it is a large piece of furniture – you cannot settle with just a random dining table. Secondly, it serves a far greater purpose than just being furniture – it is over the dining table where family and friends spend quality time together.

In this quick read, we have highlighted various shapes of dining tables and their purposes to help you choose the right table for your home.

1. Rectangular Dining Table

A rectangular dining table is the most common, as most dining rooms are also rectangular. You should opt for a rectangular table if you have a family of more than four members or host guests frequently. The variety of designs, colors, and styles available in rectangular dining tables make it a perfect choice for any home.

Broadly, there are two types of rectangular dining tables: narrow and wide. Choosing the right one for you depends on the size and shape of the room. While a narrow dining table is space-saving, a wide one is perfect for hosting large gatherings. Choose by carefully considering all the factors to ensure you do not invest in the wrong dining table model.

2. Square Dining Table

A square-shaped dining table is perfect for your square-shaped dining room. It caters to 2-3 people at a time and gives your small dining room enough breathable space.

The available space can also be used to add an extra leaf or chair in case of additional guests. Go for a square dining table if you love catching up with your near and dear ones about your day while dining. What’s more? The compact design of square dining tables makes them aesthetically pleasing. You can never go wrong with a square dining table.

3. Round Dining Table

Round dining tables serve the same purpose as square dining tables when it comes to space-saving. However, round dining tables are generally more visually appealing than square-shaped tables. While they are ideal for an intimate, small gathering, you cannot depend on round dining tables for large groups.

A large, round-shaped dining table doesn’t solve this issue either, as it creates a considerable distance between the occupants due to the larger diameter. A large round table beats the entire purpose of organizing an intimate dinner.

This is why, while buying round dining tables, it is essential to go for compact models that offer practical benefits and spruce up your dining room.

4. Oval Dining Table

An oval dining table, in a way, resembles all the shapes mentioned above when it comes to attributes. It occupies less space than a square or a round dining table. It can accommodate nearly 4-5 individuals like a rectangular dining table. In short, you can choose an oval-shaped dining table if you have a smaller or narrower dining room and occasionally host guests.

Wooden and glass oval dining tables are equally popular among interior designers and homeowners. The sheer elegance and design of oval dining tables make them perfect for homes with non-conventional decor and interior design.

Dining tables are an absolute must for all households, and choosing the right fit for your abode should not be ignored. While selecting a shape for your dining table can seem confusing, a proper consideration of your requirement and limitations can help. As discussed before, the shape of the dining table depends on two major factors — the size of the dining room and the number of occupants. Addressing these should give you a clear picture.

Apart from choosing the right kind of dining table, you can further add to its aesthetic value by following a few simple tips.

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