Going Geometric With Your Decor? Here’s How To Do It Without Going Overboard!

Last updated on October 31st, 2022

Geometric patterns have been around for centuries. They were popular in ancient Greece and Roman culture. Even today, geometric forms are a home decor essential. They can be used in a variety of ways and can transform mundane home decor into a classy statement. So, where do you use this element?

More importantly, how much is too much? To find the answers, let’s take a closer look at these gorgeous patterns in all their glory.

Say it with Rugs

The joy of this beautiful pattern is best showcased with rugs and carpets. The sheer magnificence of a black patterned rug is grandeur personified. Try throwing a few black and white geometric patterned cushions to the mix. Striped runners work well too. You can try a neutral-toned rug with grey or pastel patterns for understated elegance. Gorgeous! This theme can work with any color on the spectrum, so don’t worry if your home doesn’t have a black-and-white vibe.

Use Geometric Accessories

The best part about adding a geometric theme to your decor is it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket! Try accessorizing with geometric patterns. These can be wall art, cushions, or lamps. A mix of all these elements works too. The trick is subtlety. Too many bright shapes and colors in a small space will kill the look. Interestingly, when the eye sweeps over your gorgeous decor, it will pick up all the geometric elements, no matter how small.

Let Your Walls Go Geometric

Geometric patterns on the wall need not be scary. You can achieve a great look and add dimension to your decor with subdued colors and patterns. Wall paneling sectioned into rectangles are squares are to die for. You can carry forward the geometric them to the carpet without fear of clashing prints and colors. Classy and utterly gorgeous!

The Geometric Motif on Furniture

For a bold statement, wooden cut-outs in geometric shapes on your cabinets are an option. To introduce the theme into your home without disturbing the decor, try stacking square and rectangular boxes in the colors of your choice. These fun elements add life to the decor. Try side tables or lamps in geometric patterns with a subtle vibe for impact. Finding something suitable won’t be difficult with the plethora of stuff available in the market.

Try the Subtle Touch

Add subtle touches to your decor if you don’t want to go all out with the geometric theme. These can be wall plates, lamps, cushions, or nude frames that make a style statement. When you feel comfortable with this look, you can introduce other geometric elements to your decor. Browsing through home decor websites will be a source of inspiration when you want to move forward.

Playing with Multiple Geometric Elements

The thought of too much geometry in your room can seem scary. However, pulling off this exciting look with these elements is not difficult. Start with a geometric pattern rug. Then, add some wall art to your decor in bold patterns. A collection of nude frames works well too. Finally, an exciting furniture piece such as a chair or table will carry forward this exquisite theme. A few hanging lamps can do the trick too. The journey is as exciting as the resultant decor!

Cushions: An Easy-Peasy Way to Get There

When all else fails, you can do it with cushions. There is a wide variety of lovely geometric patterns to choose from. Play it monochrome by using different patterns in the same tones, or go for a few complementary shades to add interest. Try cushions in various sizes and layer them for impact.

Last Words

It’s amazing how you can change the look of your home by adding a few design elements without breaking the bank. More importantly, you can add new elements as you go if you can’t afford them at once. People in the know will get astounding results with a few tweaks and add-ons. So if you want to get it right, try homebliss.in for your design requirements.