Have You Tried These Powerful Decorating Duos In Your Home?

Last updated on October 21st, 2022

Let’s face it. A few years down the line, home décor loses its appeal, and the itch to revamp it begins. You can always try something new in your home with evolving design trends. Be it the color scheme, the material, or the unique pairings; there are many exciting options for you to consider before you go in for your home décor revamp. Bet you can’t wait to get started!

So, what are the design trends, and how do you incorporate decorating duos in your décor? Let’s take a look.

Mustard and Grey

Gray has always been a popular color choice for home décor. You may have probably seen it paired with blue, lilac, or yellow. Now try it with mustard. Yes, the richness of mustard with the soberness of grey can amp the look of your home in one fine sweep. Of course, your home will raise eyebrows when your friends see this seemingly unusual combination. Depending on your taste, you can go for deep mustard or dark ochre yellow. Both will work wonders.Add mustard, grey carpets, and cushions to the mix to take your decor to the next level.

Blue and Pink

The combination of pink and blue may bring a frown to your face, but don’t knock it till you have tried it. There’s more than one way to take this duo up a notch. Your options? Rich pink with turquoise, peachy pink with navy, or the delicious pairing of peach and light blue. You can play this the way you want. And hey, the flooring matters too. Wood is the perennial favorite. But throw rugs work too.

Copper and Leather

Metallics have been trending since last year. And they are still going strong. Taking a leaf out of this trend, you can take it a step forward by using it with leather couches. Copper and leather are a marriage made in heaven. You can use copper elements in your lamps, chandeliers, or wall art. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Dark color combinations and muted decor ideas work best for this rich, luxurious design statement.

The richness of Wood and Brass

Wood and brass are both earthy elements and exude rustic appeal. You can pair these two materials any way you wish without worrying about decorating faux pax. Inlaid brass on your cabinets is one way to go. If all else fails, brass lamps and chandeliers will come to your rescue. Also, plenty of brass bowls in all shapes and sizes are available in the market. Symmetry works well in this regard. A pair of matching lamps on your console will take your design quotient to the next level.

Geometric Tiles

Ceramic tile in geometric design is gorgeous. This out-of-the-box design idea takes the concept of flooring décor to the next level. These wonders work well on walls and tabletops, too. You can go the whole hog with your geometric design tiles, or use them as borders on your flooring. Exuberant and exciting!

You can use these tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, or living area. The impact of this design feature is undeniable.

Plywood and More Plywood

This understated design element is not dull, far from it. It all depends on what you can do with it. One thing is for sure. You can never have enough of it. Plywood panels on your walls have a dramatic impact on your décor. You can leave them nude with a brush of varnish or give them a coat of paint or varnish. And why stop at the walls? Plywood is great for your ceiling too!

Final Thoughts

Design ideas and trends are only guidelines. You can take these ideas at face value and use them in your home, or take it up a notch with your creative ideas. For a professional touch, you not only want someone who has years of experience but has quirky ideas also.

Homebliss.in has the mastery to execute challenging projects and will be glad to help you. So log on and find out more.