How To Glam Up Your Home With Flowers!

Last updated on December 9th, 2022

There was a time when artificial flowers meant thick plastic atrocities that made you cringe. Faux flowers have come a long way since those days, and today they stand tall amongst the various floral accessories needed to complete your home décor. These amazing creations come in many avatars and can be pretty costly.

Seeing the gorgeous creations, it’s easy to go overboard as every arrangement seems like the right one. But like everything else, moderation is the key. And to make your home décor rock, you need a gentle touch, much like the softness of a rose petal. So, how to rock the look without making it tacky? Let’s take a look.

Keep it Real

Leaves trailing out of a jar are a great way to add an exciting element to your décor. The best part is that these sprigs of faux greenery give off an authentic vibe, giving your décor an edge.

A collection of dried green leaves in a jar can also do the trick. For a subtle statement, add a sprig into a classy jar and let it say its piece. The floor is yours, and with mother nature waving a wand, you can’t go wrong with naturally dried leaves. Add a few shells or interesting twigs to the mix to take it up a notch.

Just a Sprig

Less is more. A sprig laid on a pile of books, a few stalks of rushes in a jar, or some dried rose leaves to accessorize your table setting; you can play it the way you want. These little gems can say so much with so little! Dried stems work just as well as faux stems.

White Wonder

A cluster of white flowers is a class act. What makes these flowers charming is that you can opt for large blooms in huge bunches and not go wrong. An ethereal white arrangement is just the look you want for a sophisticated and elegant vibe. Use them on your bedside table, your console table, or as a centerpiece.

A Gorgeous Vase? Or Not

Blooms need a home. It’s a given. Or is it? As faux flowers don’t need water, you can safely place a few on your vanity or your console. And if it’s a vase you want, that works too. Let’s face it, these blooms can do no wrong and will add oomph to your décor no matter what.

Dress Up Your Entryway

Flowers in your entryway are a welcoming sight. To get this look right, go for a stylish vase for your blooms. Photo frames, dried arrangements and lampshades will compliment the look. Old metal containers and dried leaves should do the trick for rustic appeal.

Quirky Vases

The receptacle can make a huge difference in your flower arrangement. Try quirky vases to enhance the look of your décor. Old watering cans and pots covered in jute bags and knotted with twine are options. Old liquor bottles in interesting shapes make great vases too. For impact, opt for two to three bottles in odd shapes and sizes to create a beautiful composition. Drop some pebbles into your bottle to make it appealing.

Let Your Blooms Take Center Stage

The seating area is the focal point of your room. To give it the right ambiance, try making a statement with a lush bloom arrangement on your coffee table. Depending on your color scheme, you choose a profusion of multi-colored flowers or a sober flower arrangement to match the color scheme. For better impact, let the florist arrange your flowers in appealing abundance.

A Play of Pastels

Neutral combinations are the flavor of the season. Flowers in pastel shades will work magic in your décor. They can be beige, dusky pink, or sky blue. Take your pick.

Final Thoughts

There are many layers to this fascinating concept. And the quirkier, the better for a stunning addition to your home decor. Getting a flower arrangement for your home isn’t rocket science. However, getting the decor right can get tricky. For appealing home and hearth, has an array of fascinating ideas to amp up the look of your home.