Is Your Bathroom Color Feg Shui Correct?

Last updated on April 5th, 2023

The concept of feng shui has roots in Chinese philosophy. Feng shui is about the oneness of nature; a deep connection with natural elements such as wind and water. The term feng shui means wind and water, the main elements needed for survival. Bathrooms were not a priority in ancient times and the waste matter was kept away from the house as it would bring disease.

Well, things have changed a lot since then. And today, a bathroom is more a place for washing and hygiene and less about diseases. But, getting on to the subject of feng shui, what color should you pick for your bathroom? Let’s find out.

Bathroom colors; the feng shui way

Colors are a very personal thing, and you will be relieved to know that there is no bad or good color in feng shui. A feng shui expert will consider other factors such as the location of the bathroom on the bagua map, and the kind of energy you want to invite into your space. Let’s look at some of the colors on the spectrum and find out what type of energy they bring into your home. If the symbolism behind these colors resonates with you, you know you have found the perfect color for your bathroom.

Blissful blues

Water is one of the main elements in feng shui and bathrooms are all about water. Blue also personifies abundance and the movement of the oceans. That makes it the perfect choice if you want to harness wealth. To tone down the energy of blue, you can add beige or white to your color scheme.

Light blues represent family relationships and good health. You can pair your blues with greys and whites. However, a combination of light blue and dark blue can clash, so tread with caution. For add-ons, try plush white towels, brass handles, and taps to accentuate the appeal of this gorgeous shade.

Virginal white

White is an excellent choice for your bathroom as it stands for purity. White is about fairness and clarity, and it’s also about new beginnings and authority. White is versatile and goes with every color on the spectrum, making it the perfect pick for your bathroom décor. If stark white isn’t your thing, add accents of blue, green, or gray in your cabinetry or fittings to accentuate this gorgeous shade. White marble or glazed tiles are great options. You can also combine textures and materials to add dimension to your space.

Gorgeous green

Green is abundant in the environment. Earthy greens are related to the wood element, a feng shui color. Green is all about healing and invoking relaxation. To bring the serenity of the forest, go for deep and muted shades.

Light wood goes beautifully with muted and deep greens and has a surreal appeal. Add a few wicker baskets to the mix for a breathtaking bathroom décor.

Staid grays

Grey personifies knowledge, but it also stands for elegance and calmness. To induce a feeling of security, this shade is perfect for your bathroom. To add to the serenity motif, add plants, for a healing touch. For accents, you can pick white, grey, or blue to add a relaxing vibe. These can be used on your bathmat, the towels or even the cabinetry for a stylish look.

Peachy coral

For an upbeat vibe, coral is a great shade for your bathroom. This color exudes relaxation and is an optimistic color. For an utterly feminine vibe, go for white and light wood add-ons to complete this gorgeous look.

If you think the coral shade is overpoweringly feminine, add grey add-ons to your bath rug, towels and accessories to bring it down a notch. Brass handles and taps are a good choice but steel works just as well.

Final words

Bathrooms are no more just functional areas. They provide the perfect refuge when you want your ‘me’ time. So, it makes sense to get the mood you want by picking the feng shui color of your choice. If you require help, we are just a click away. Log in to for all home décor-related queries. We will be glad to help.