Let Your Walls Tell The World Your Story

Last updated on May 12th, 2022

The most basic thing about tasteful artwork is that it doesn’t have to be expensive to look stunning. And there are many things that go into making a work-of-art look appealing.
The artwork itself and the material that frames them do play a role, but what also matters is how it’s hung, the position of the wall it is hung on, the negative space around it, and the décor of the entire space that surrounds it.

Without further ado, in this feature, we would like to give you 4 ideas on turning a blank wall in your home into a beautiful work of art that speaks volumes about who you are! Read on if this intrigues you.

A Wall(k) Down Memory Lane

Nothing can spell happiness more than old photographs and reminders from fun times we’ve had. Give a nice, prominent, and empty wall a truly happy vibe by covering it with a varied collection of photographs from your travels. The great conversation starter it would make is an added bonus!

Monotonous Splendor

Frame black and white prints in uniform frames and arrange them symmetrically on a wall and lend an elegant and stylish edge to your décor instantly. You’ll have people complimenting your handiwork every time they look at it!

A Divine Wall

If you seek divinity and don’t mind giving it a contemporary touch, create an artful and unique wall with modern prints and frames of your favorite deities adorning it.

Quotable Quotes

Framed typography is quite the rage these days. And this is one décor trend that you can sprinkle your personality generously over. Create a minimalistic and contemporary look in a room, by investing in graphically designed, in-your-face quotes that happen to be your favorite. Put them together on a wall and give its interiors the edge you’ve always longed for in your home décor.

Have fun decorating your space, peeps!