Mushroom Motifs: The New Decor Trend

Last updated on July 23rd, 2023

Mushrooms have always been a favorite in the culinary world. In the early 19th century, they caught the interest of designers. Now they have again taken tentative steps into the world of design. And we thought we had design trends figured!

Mushrooms are a fairy tale essential. Finding a niche in the design world was just a matter of time. A great example of the mushroom motif in home decor is Murano’s iconic lamp. However, it isn’t just the mushroom motif that is trending. But why jump the gun? Let’s find out more about this fascinating trend.

Much More than Botanical Art

As mentioned, mushrooms are back with a bang. They are everywhere, be it light fixtures, tableware, or furniture. This is hardly surprising, as the delicacy of the mushroom structure has always fascinated the design community since time immemorial.

The mushroom motif is popular in floral arrangements, artwork, crockery, and Christmas ornaments. However, you will find the mushroom shape in anything from table lamps to the curve your high-back chair has taken. And with the plethora of shapes in the world of fungi, designers are spoilt for choice.

Why Mushrooms are an Attractive Motif

Designers take inspiration from nature, be it the vibrant colors of the autumn leaves, the petals of a sunflower, or butterflies with their variety of shades and patterns. Under the circumstances, is it surprising that mushrooms are so popular?

Also, the fact that mushrooms are a symbol of health and happiness adds to their charm. After all, be it the velvety petals of a flower in bloom or the dotted toadstools peppering the landscape, they fill your heart with joy. A good enough reason to incorporate the motif in home décor.

Mushroom Lamps in Home Décor

It’s easy to see why mushrooms have inspired table lamps when you look at the magnificence of the Panthella lamp. Designed by Verner Panton, this lamp has been around for ages and is popular as a portable table lamp even today.

If you look hard enough, you will see the mushroom curve in many light fittings in stores today. Mushroom-inspired pendants and lamps are one of the most popular shapes with homeowners and designers alike. To get the mushroom motif in your home decor, pick out lights with shapes that follow the natural curve of mushrooms.

Shapes that Mimic Mushrooms in Home Decor

Be it molded plastic chairs, quirky tables, or the pleats of a cushion, you will find that the mushroom shape and structure are often mimicked in home décor items. The gorgeous curves, the intricate gills and the variety of shapes and colors in the mushroom world offer many opportunities to add mushroom elements to home décor.

If you can get your hands on botanical design plates with the mushroom motif at the flea market, nothing like it. It will be an interesting addition to your decor. Pressed dried mushrooms are easy to frame into exotic art for your walls.

The Exuberance of Mushroom Shades

Mushrooms blossom in a variety of gorgeous shades. Picking up these shades and incorporating them into your decor give excellent results. Beige, rust, red, and off-white are not only enthralling but very safe to play with when you design your home. Whether you use the rust or red shade on your wall or let the beige dominate your decor, it’s going to rock your space.

To elevate the look, you can add a touch of dark olive to your throw or cushions. Sisal, wickerwork, and dry plant rush will complete this wonderful decor. To take it up a notch, add faux or natural dried mushrooms to your decor. You can achieve this by adding them to your dry flower arrangement or the vignette.

Final Say

The easiest way to get your decor right is by taking inspiration from nature. You can use shapes and colors to give your home a natural vibe. Getting this look right may not be as easy as it seems. But then that’s what we are here for. Log in to or contact us for decor-related queries.