Stay On Top Of 2022 Lighting Trends: Get The Lowdown Here

Last updated on April 12th, 2022

The single most important factor in home decor is lighting. The astounding effects of chandeliers, table lamps, and pendant lights in a room have to be seen to be believed.

As lighting is a vital component in your decor, a sense of what’s available and the current lighting trends will help you make the right choices.

So, rather than jumping the gun with design concepts that may not work with the trending lighting styles, check out what can work and how to incorporate lights in your home decor. These lighting trends and tips will give you a fair idea of what’s in vogue. Let’s take the plunge!

Chandelier As The Focal Point

The 2022 trends see lighting not merely as a tool to light up your room with a bit of pizzazz but as a focal point of the design. Your gorgeous chandelier is the first thing that will catch your attention when you enter the room. This radical concept is all about using light fittings to make bold design statements. So, think bold, think big!

Bold Lighting In Radical Designs

It’s all about using colored glass, sculpted pieces, and textures. These light fixtures don’t need to be turned on to give the desired impact. You can use hanging lights of different lengths and sizes in a cluster, or go for the dramatic effect of a single piece. As your decor will work around this magnificent creation, it’s essential to decide on your theme before you begin.

Symmetry For A Smart And Classy Look

Symmetry is an excellent technique to create a stylish and smart decor. And lighting is the perfect way to enhance the look. You can achieve a fabulous effect with pendant lights that are style statements. Or you can go for the staid bedside lamps in matching designs. Wall sconces work well too. Wall sconces on either side of your vanity mirror, for instance, are the best way to bring romance into your room.

Go Rustic

Rustic decor never goes out of style. And with design trends going green, natural materials such as jute, bamboo, or cane are the ideal choice for your home decor.

Your space doesn’t necessarily have to be rustic. These lamps are versatile and are the perfect fit for modern, eclectic, or funky decor. For better impact, choose three pendant lamps strung up at different heights. If you use these in your dining space, you could even string them up in a row.

Add Table Lamps

They are appealing and functional. Table lamps allow you to light up specific areas of the room, giving the decor a surreal feel. These lamps are ideal for workspaces and bedside tables. The biggest advantage of lamps is that they are portable, so you can plug them in wherever you please.

Amplify Features Using Cove Lighting

These indirect pools of light are either installed in the recesses of ceiling panels or on the walls of a space. The diffusion of light can be directed down the walls or upwards, depending on your choice and decor. If you have a decorative false ceiling, these lights will amplify its best features.

Use Track Lights To Avoid Fitting Hassles

Track lights have a charm of their own. They perform the same function as recessed lighting but externally. These lights allow you ample flexibility, and you can select the size, the length of the track, and the placement as per your needs. They are not invasive, which reduces the stress of cutting up your ceiling.

Final Thoughts

Lighting is magical and you can change the space’s ambiance with well-placed fixtures that don’t stretch your budget. Selecting the right fittings is crucial. Too hot to handle? Check out for more interesting takes on the subject of lighting.

Happy decorating, everyone!