Trending — 11 Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Zen-like

With our crazy schedules and hectic lives, all of us crave that one escape where we can truly unwind and relax. Which is one of the main reasons why Zen interiors are becoming the décor of choice the world over. Here are 11 ways you can turn your own home into a Zen-like retreat.

1. Buy Simple Furniture

1ACourtesy: Architecture Art Designs

For Zen interiors, furniture should be elegant, yet simple with a strong focus on function and austerity.

2. Choose Neutral Colors

2ACourtesy: Sharpe Designs

Use neutral colors and delicate tones like whites or shades of beige in your interiors, which have the ability to bring in a sense of calm and placidity.

3. Try Natural Fabrics

3ACourtesy: Benishop

The use of natural fabrics like cotton, wool, jute and sisal lends a harmonious, Zen-like appeal to interiors.

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

Interior view of Windsor Court. A Portland, OR residence remodeled by Jessica HelgersonCourtesy: Dedishop

Add plenty of plants to your décor. They’ll not only keep the air around you clean and free from toxins, but also stimulate relaxation.

5. Keep Décor Minimal

5ACourtesy: Portal Fazer Mais

Keep your décor uncluttered and simple. Remember, when talking Zen, less is more. So, try not to over-accessorize.

6. Avoid Using Too Many Mirrors

6ACourtesy: Decoist

As per Feng Shui, mirrors bounce off energy and trigger stress and anxiety. Though great as décor elements, a truly Zen-like space doesn’t flaunt them. Keep your mirrors from being too obvious.

7. Use Natural Fragrances


Make use of natural fragrances to make your home more Zen like. Natural smells have been known to instill a sense of quiet in us.

8. Allow For Symmetry In Your Decor

8ACourtesy: imanda

Aim to create a sense of calm and balance through symmetry in your décor.

9. Go Earthy

9ACourtesy: bevilacqua

Infuse Zen into your interiors with earthy materials like bamboo dividers, natural stones, water-fountains and flowers. And instead of using synthetic materials and plastics, choose natural, earthy materials like wood and metals in their natural state. These materials aid in expanding the space visually and promote calm vibes.

10. Allow Plenty Of Natural Light


Natural light boosts positive energy and well-being. For a truly Zen-like appeal, let plenty of natural light flood into your home.

11. Create A Space For Meditation

11ACourtesy: Freshome

Devote a quiet corner or a room to meditate and get in touch with your inner self. Decorate this space to inspire calm and peace of mind.