What Is Soft Minimalism?

Last updated on July 1st, 2023

Soft minimalism is a concept that subtly rebels against the hard and fast rules of design trends. It doesn’t lose its grip on tradition but adds a few thoughtful touches to improve the design and adapt to modern design ideas. It doesn’t like to draw attention to the inordinate but rather uses refinement as a mode of expression.

Soft minimalism is about warmth, simplicity, and naturalness. You may raise your eyebrows in confusion and surprise when you read this article. Let’s jump the gun and dive into the world of soft minimalism.

Soft minimalism: the main elements

Once you go through the main elements of soft minimalism, you will notice that it is not very different from the trends that have been doing the rounds these past few years. Here are the salient features of this design style:

Play of different shapes

Soft minimalism advocates using a variety of different shapes to create designs that maintain a contemporary look without making it look dull. It’s marked by soft tones and curved lines.

Muted shades

Rather than going overboard with the trending neutrals, soft minimalism advises muted shades of dusty pink, blue, and green. Simply put, it’s about giving the traditional neutral shades an interesting twist.

An uncluttered look

When you can do with less, why go for more? This means doing away with things that are not necessary in the setup. The result? Freedom of movement and breathing space.

Softly layered lighting

Layered lighting in essence means playing with the heights of your light fittings. When the lighting is at different heights, the space looks cozy and stylish.

Small vignettes

To give your room a finishing touch, try adding small vignettes with not more than three items. These could be candles, pine cones, or a vase of flowers.

What other factors should you consider?

To get the right soft minimalism, make sure you follow these simple design tips:

Natural materials

Materials such as concrete, stone, or wood are tangible substances that you can touch and feel. Try to use these materials in unique ways. These can be a stone bowl, a natural log table, or timbre flooring.

Let the outdoors mingle with your indoors

Windows allow nature to step into your home. Be it the view outside your home or the creepers and potted plants eyeing each other through your glass panes, this vibrancy brings positivity into your home.

It’s in the little things

The cornice on your ceiling or the beading detail on your paneling, it’s the little things that make a huge impact on your design. So, pay attention to your cabinet pulls, the metal in your light fittings, or the odd furniture piece to bring this simple yet gorgeous look together.

Thoughtful nooks for introspection

It can be a reading nook or a window seat, these precious places are perfect for some me time, either with a book or your thoughts. For appeal, throw in a few cushions and a rug.

How to introduce soft minimalism in your décor

By juggling different textures and tones, you can get wonderful results. Let’s check out some tips on getting it right:

  • Pick a color and go to town with various tones of the same color: e.g., blue, powder blue, greyish blue, or dark blue. You get the picture.

  • Add a pop of different color/s to break the monotony of your chosen color.

  • Play with different textures. This means a mix of materials such as leather, velvet, or jute to add a warm and comforting feel.

  • Let curves have their say. Circular light fittings, round or oval mirrors, and curved high chair backs are some options.

  • It’s about quality, not quantity. Control your impulse when shopping. Spend on large pieces that make an impact rather than a collection of titbits that don’t have much to say.

Winding up

Soft minimalism is easy to pull off once you grasp the basics. However, if you want to be sure that you are achieving the right look, visit us at homebliss.in. Or better still, call us for tips to get the desired result.