10 Indian Kitchen Design Trends That’ll Be Piping-Hot In 2022

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022

We spent the last couple of years at home. And while all of us were busy working from home and adjusting to the new normal, we spent a lot of our time in the kitchen trying to indulge our taste buds. After all, cooking is therapeutic, and so is food!

One thing led to another – we all know the hype created around Dalgona coffee and home-cooked momos. What’s more, our gram-worthy food images got a hundred likes, and it further fueled our desire to spend more time in the kitchen, every day.

And it’s only when we spend so much time in one place do we realize the need to revamp or redo elements of it. It isn’t wonder then, that kitchens and their aesthetics have seen quite a few changes the world over and spanking new design trends have emerged for a fresh start in the year 2022! Let’s explore some of these trends, shall we?

1. A walk-in pantry

Walk-in pantries are enjoying a bit of a moment currently. They don’t just help your kitchen stay uncluttered and uber-organized throughout all your cooking experiments, but having a dedicated space in the kitchen for staples, eases the load off the main kitchen shelves and cabinets to do other more important things!

2. LIT kitchens

Lighting is one of the first things we notice whenever we go to restaurants or cafes, as it surely enhances the ambiance. It’s time to spruce up your kitchen with such lights and make the kitchen fancy and functional at the same time. Hanging lights, pendant lamps, spotlights, and minimal floating lights are some of the options you can explore for your cooking space.

3. Unique colors

Not just your food, but your kitchen also deserves some fancy and exotic colors. Gone are the days of plain white or brown kitchens. The year is welcoming a colorful trend where you can experiment with contrasting colors on cabinets and countertops.

4. Details on the countertops, please.

With a black slab taking center stage, kitchens used to have the same monotonous vibe throughout the year. But change it this year by using marble that comes with natural veining patterns adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen.

5. Subtle surface finishes

Matte is trending everywhere. The subtle and chic look achieved with matte finishes can elevate your kitchen’s entire look and feel. Also, these materials are scratchproof making them a durable, seamless and elegant solution to beautify the kitchen.

6. Peninsula and island countertops

The lockdown period was challenging for us in many ways. While preparing presentations, some of us prepared food as well, making kitchens new makeshift working spaces. Peninsula and Island countertops were a big help during those times, and that is why the trend remains a hit this year too!

7. Open kitchens

Living in apartments and flats has also enhanced the culture of open kitchens! Not only does it make the space look more spacious, but also a lot more trendy. Though it would only look good if you are a neat-freak, this trend has earned its place in 2022.

8. Semi-modular kitchens

Modular kitchens are effortless, but semi-modular is the new trend. A combination of modules and fixed cabinets allows you to design your space according to your preferences. Also, they are a cost-effective option giving the same results as a modular one.

9. The aesthetics of Cottage-core

What do most Insta-worthy food images have in common? They all have this aesthetically-pleasing, rustic, and picturesque background. This is what forms Cottagecore – a design aesthetic that highlights rustic elements like an unpolished wooden rack or an exposed brick wall, for instance, making your kitchen stand out in the most elegant ways.

10. Adding greens

Plants can instantly elevate the vibe of an entire space; try them in your kitchen and see it getting a refreshed look in your budget. Small plants on the kitchen window, hanging vines on the shelf and a money plant in a glass bottle placed on the countertop are some of the ways you can add these pretty greens to your kitchen.

We hope this quick lowdown on the latest trends helps you revamp your kitchen as per your preferred design aesthetic. Do give us a shout if you enjoyed it!

Have fun decorating your home, folks!