DesignWise: Are False Ceilings A Good Idea?

Last updated on September 14th, 2023

Home décor is all about doing the best with the space you have. Surprisingly, while we spend a lot of time mulling over how to make our walls stand out, the gorgeous ceiling gets step-sisterly treatment. More often than not, it has to make do with a coat of white paint and a chandelier or two. Sigh. And to think of that wasted opportunity!

This brings us to the false ceiling debate. To door not to do? That is the question. To set our facts straight, let’s dive deep into the world of fabricated wonders that can make or break your designer look. Let’s begin!

What Are Your Choices?

This under-utilized space has oodles of options, something an interior designer would love to sink their teeth into. Apart from the standard POP, there is PVC, gypsum, MDF, acrylic, and wood. And these are just a few of the goodies. Depending on the client and the designer, various materials and effects can be achieved to transform your home into a classy space.

For a country house look, wooden rafters can do the trick. Wooden paneling has a rustic appeal, while POP or gypsum board ceilings give a classy, contemporary look. For daring, a splash of colored panels on the ceiling can amp up the look of the space.

So, how does a false ceiling help your décor? Let’s look at the advantages first.

The Advantages of False Ceilings

It all depends on the design and materials used, not to mention the color and suitability for the overall look. But by and large, these are the main advantages of false ceilings:

  • They give ample opportunity to play around with different lighting concepts, which a standard ceiling won’t allow. And trust us, lighting is everything in home décor.

  • You can do away with your ugly wires. In a standard home, all an electrician has to do is work on concealing wires for the fan and the chandelier. Spots, recessed lights, and water sprinklers mean a mess of wires that may look like a bomb ready to detonate! If these are not hidden, it can be a design catastrophe. So, it’s a yes for false ceilings.

  • Electric bills often leave us gasping for breath. However, with false ceilings, yousave on power as the LED fixtures in the ceiling give ample lighting for your space. What’s more, the air trapped in the space between the actual and false ceiling provides insulation. This means summers are not as hot, nor winters as cold. So, you save on your air conditioner/ heater bills.

  • Designed right, false ceilings can change the look of your home. From a minimalist clinical look to the rustic appeal of wood, the ceiling can deliver with aplomb.

  • Better acoustics,so you don’t have to worry about your teen’s loud music vibrating through the walls.

  • The air pockets between the actual and the false ceiling provide sound insulation.

Is There a Downside?

False ceilings have their downside. Let’s take a peek:

  • Without proper installation, the gaps and crevices can encourage pests, so make sure you get your work done by an experienced contractor.

  • As false ceilings need a bit of room, you may lose out on the height, so if you already have a low ceiling, it’s best to give the idea a skip, as it will overwhelm the space and you too. Remember, you will need at least six inches of space. So, act accordingly.

  • A good foundation and installation process are essential to avoid the fixtures collapsing. Plaster falling on you can be hazardous. So, again, opt for a reputable contractor.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s it to be? Yes, or no? We say go for it! Your false ceiling will give your space a finishing touch. And with the options available, you can go to town with different colors and concepts. If you feel you can’t handle it, well, that’s what we are there for. Just log in to our website,, for radical takes on the world of design.