Your Quick Guide To Major Decorating Styles: Find Out Which One You Follow!

Last updated on July 14th, 2022

Your home can be the ultimate canvas to represent your personality through interior design and home decor. Now, while your home will be unique and customized per your preferences, a few decorating styles have caught many people’s attention and have quickly become very popular.

Each style caters to different aesthetic preferences and includes various materials and color palettes. Here is your guide to choosing major decoration styles, depending on what catches your eye!

The Mid-century modern move

Developed in the middle of the 20th century, the mid-century modern style quickly gained popularity as an architectural and interior design movement. It remains trendy to date owing to its clean, minimal characteristics. The mid-century modern home has a lot of wooden elements, bespoke furniture pieces, and neutral colors that tie the whole space together. This style prioritizes function over aesthetics and discards anything that doesn’t serve the space.

The modern farmhouse flare

Cottage core with a twist, this unique style is a blend of vintage and modern. It Incorporates classic farmhouse style elements such as brick fireplaces, large wooden pieces such as dining tables, rocking armchairs, wooden beams and more. These timeless elements are balanced out by modern elements such as updated stainless steel kitchen appliances, trendy light fixtures, rugs, and other home decor items. Give your space a country, farmhouse touch by using these elements to take it up a notch!

The Modern Japanese zen

Japanese architecture transports the viewer to a zen state of mind. It features natural materials, minimalist furniture pieces, functional home decor, green indoor plants, water features, and more. The modern Japanese style draws inspiration from these traditional elements and makes them relevant to today’s day and age, where the interiors need to cater to smart homes. Incorporating smart automation systems, easy-to-use gadgets, and wabi-sabi elements for design is how you can decorate your home in this style.

Chic Industrial interiors

The industrial look is very popular in restaurants, bars, salons, and retail shops. However, you can deck out your home in this style by adapting this style for your residence. Exposed brick walls, iron, and steel pipes, lighting fixtures, and an open layout will transform your home into an industrial-chic space. Use these elements in conjunction with cozy elements such as a sectional sofa, throw pillows, and patio furniture to make your house feel like a home.

A stylish Scandinavian space

Scandinavian-style homes have recently gained a lot of popularity and for the right reasons! The ‘hygge’ feeling these spaces evoke makes people comfortable and refreshed. This style is characterized by premium handcrafted furniture elements, bright, well-lit spaces, and subtle shades inspired by nature. Add various layers through your soft furnishings to create different textures that make your house feel homely and welcoming.

Art Deco-rate your home

The Art Deco movement was in boom at the turn of the 20th century. This style is perfect for someone who enjoys intricate motifs and metallic tones. Turn your home into an art-deco paradise by adding bold geometric patterns such as chevron flooring. Opt for metallic accents that contrast dark-shaded furniture pieces. You can choose homeware with intricate motifs and light fixtures with gold embellishments. The Art Deco style also makes room for paintings and decorative elements that brighten up a space.

The Mediterranean makeover

The Mediterranean style is quite generous as it includes elements from many European and African cultures, creating a beautiful, eclectic decor style. Since the Mediterranean sea inspires it, you can add a lot of blue and brown undertones throughout your space. Complement these shades with textured pieces such as jute rugs or baskets, lighter wooden pieces, and decorative elements. Home decor with Moroccan or Egyptian motifs makes the perfect addition to this style.

Wrapping Up

When decorating your home, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Trends come and go with time, but these are the few timeless decorating styles that top the charts and can enhance any given space.

Explore these styles in detail on the HomeBliss blog and choose the one that catches your eye!