11 Ways To Create A More Organized Bedroom

There’s hardly any feeling that comes close to being able to finally relax in your bedroom at night after a long day at work. But for that to happen your bedroom needs to be neat, well-organized and truly relaxing.

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Here are a few tips and tricks to create a bedroom that is all that and more!

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

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Making your bed first thing in the morning when you get up is a great habit to cultivate and instantly makes the room appear tidy and organized. It’s also a great way to start your day with and takes less than a minute. So how about starting tomorrow?

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2. Create A ‘Catch-all’ Zone Just Outside The Bedroom

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A great way to banish clutter from the bedroom is to find another place for it outside! Place a chest of drawers right outside your bedroom door and find all clutter magically making its way out of your bedroom. The chest of drawers will offer the perfect spot to put away books and other knick-knacks that would otherwise clutter your nightstand or even the bed.

3. Use A Dresser As A Nightstand

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Replace your nightstand with a dresser and make additional space in the bedroom to organize and put away your accessories, clothes you don’t need at present and even extra sheets. Remember, more storage means less clutter!

4. Make Your Bedroom A Haven

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Your bedroom needs to be as minimalistic and chic as a hotel room, if you desire a relaxing place that helps you sleep through the night. So, except for a book that you happen to be reading currently, maybe a clock, a reading light and a drink of water on the bedside table, banish all else from cluttering the nightstand, the space in your bedroom and your mind.

5. Keep A Chair In The Bedroom

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A chair kept in the bedroom won’t just give you a quiet space to relax in with a book, but make getting dressed easier, without your having to sit on the bed (which is far from ideal as it is so low).

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6. Keep A Basket Handy For Throw Pillows

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If you’re someone who likes to accessorize with lots of throw pillows on the bed, bedtime can be quite a struggle with you looking for a space to put all the pillows in for the night. Use an open basket kept near the bed to provide a home for all the pillows.

7. Place A Trunk At The Foot Of The Bed

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A trunk placed at the foot of the bed will not just enhance the décor of the bedroom but also help you store extra sheets, comforters and blankets when you don’t need them.

8. Keep Trash At Bay

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A small trash can placed near the bedside table will help you get rid of tissues, price tags and other useless bits of paper and keep them from getting piled up on your nightstand.

9. Use A Bed With Drawers

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Use a bed with drawers that can come in really handy to stash away extra sheets, comforters and clothes that you don’t use frequently.

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10. Use Furniture With Built-In Storage

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Use multipurpose furniture like ottomans with storage and upholstered storage benches to stow away the less frequently used items like extra towels and sheets and use them as extra seating whenever you need.

11. Hide The Under-bed Storage

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Get a bed-skirt matching with your décor, tailored to fit around your bed snugly to not just add harmony to the overall décor, but also to hide all the under-the-bed boxes that you use for your storage.