13 Impressive Before & After Living Room Makeovers

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

A makeover of any kind, whether personal, or when it has to do with home décor, can be quite exciting. When you’re used to seeing the décor of a space a certain way for some time, you somehow become closed to other possibilities. Well, we are here to show you what a world of difference a few changes here and there can bring to a setting. Fasten your seat-belts then, and prepare to get blown over!

Courtesy: kristyb

1. Mirrors can almost double the space available! And so do lighter colors on the walls and furniture. Experience it yourself!

Courtesy: atthebeachwithkris

2. Well, no curtains are any day better than tacky-looking ones! And walls do so much better when kept light and understated!

Courtesy: blog.houseplans

3. Lighter colors expand a space visually, whether it’s the color of the furniture or the walls! And so do curtains, when done just right!

Courtesy: ironandtwine.blogspot

4. An open kitchen doesn’t just expand the entire living space visually, but also creates the perfect set-up to cook, relax and entertain, all at the same time!

Courtesy: sebringservices

5. The right window treatment (for really tall walls, in this case), tasteful artwork and couches that spell comfort – are a surefire recipe for a stunning living room! Also, the right chandelier can draw some of the attention away from the high ceilings.

Courtesy: robesondesign

6. ­­­ A drastic change in the color of the walls and furniture and the old carpet replaced with an elegant wooden floor makes this transformation too hard to believe!

Courtesy: bp.blogspot

7. ­­­The right window treatment and couches can take any space from dull and drab to classy and elegant! Add to it a feature wall and a wooden floor, and you have yourself a Pinterest-worthy space, just like that!

Courtesy: robesondesign

8. The old making way for the new! No more ancient wooden walls or dated furniture. Enter plush couch, a lounge chair and a modern-rustic coffee table. Well, if this isn’t a transformation, what is?

Courtesy: elizabethburnsdesign

9. An open kitchen, the laundry space taken elsewhere and the space freed up for a dining table have completely altered this living room. The old furniture replaced by more modern pieces helps keep the theme coherent!

Courtesy: designsponge

10. A stunning dark grey on the walls and paintings that complement it have taken this living room from looking just pleasant to appearing to be right out of the pages of a magazine! Not to mention the dark rug and the modern couches adding to it an air of luxury.

Courtesy: media.rooang

11. A lighter rug and the couch no longer pushed all the way up against the wall make all the difference to this living room, transforming it from a rather gloomy traditional setting, to a more cheerful and modern one.

Courtesy: coldwellbanker

12. This setting seems to have taken on a rather modern vibe with a change in the carpet, the books replaced with a few curios and a cheerful painting on the walls that also seem to have taken on a lighter and way more cheerful note.

Courtesy: coldwellbanker

13. What’s transformed this place is the wooden flooring that’s replaced the rather boring-looking tiles, the stone cladding around the fireplace and the old couches that have made way for more modern ones. And a softer color on the walls adds a certain elegance to the setting that seemed to have been missing earlier. Don’t you think?

Courtesy: atthebeachwithkris