14 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

Last updated on October 13th, 2021

Kitchen islands can be quite a welcome addition to the kitchen considering all the additional counter space that they give you, but have you ever thought that maybe you’re underutilizing this boon of a space in your kitchen? Let’s look at 14 ideas to upgrade your kitchen island from merely a space for chopping veggies to an uber-cool addition to your kitchen!

1. Cramped For Space? Try A Table

If your kitchen space is rather cramped, don’t be hung up on a traditional kitchen island. Get a slim table instead. You can use it as an additional workspace in the kitchen and dining space, all put together.

2. Use Stylish Cladding

A great and cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen island is to get it covered in salvaged wood or brick cladding. This won’t just add a rustic appeal to your kitchen island, but also transform the way your kitchen looks.

3. Use The Island As A Divider


Your kitchen island can function beautifully as a divider between your living room and the kitchen. All you need to do is back up the couch to your island!

4. Make Paint Your Best Friend

Courtesy: HGTV

To give a quick update to an existing kitchen island, just try to bring in color to the setting with paint. A coat of blue paint added to the chairs here has transformed the way the island and the whole kitchen look! Wouldn’t you agree?

5. Create A Cozy Breakfast Nook


Just add stylish bar stools to your kitchen island and you have yourself a kitchen island that serves double duty – a kitchen-island-cum-breakfast-nook!

6. Add Greenery


You can add pops of green to your white kitchen by just adding a few decorative vases and plants onto the island. The pendant lighting from above will only accentuate the beauty of the greens.

7. Get A Runner

Courtesy: meridianinteriordesign

A quick way to spruce up your kitchen island is to place a bright table runner on it, just ensuring that the color of the runner is in some way tied to the rest of the décor.

8. Go Bold On Color


If you have a white kitchen, you have the luxury of going all out with a bold color on your island! Go right ahead. Indulge your imagination!

9. Add Pops Of Color

Sprucing up your kitchen island can be as simple as just clearing it and displaying some bright fruits and vegetables on top of it.

10. How About A Towel Bar?

Courtesy: HGTV

This easy-to-add accessory to your kitchen island gives you the convenience of hanging kitchen towels where you need them.

11. Get The Top Tiled

Courtesy: HGTV

Yet another great way to add a dash of color and character to your kitchen island is to use brightly colored tiles to cover the top. This also creates an attractive focal point for your kitchen.

12. Chalkboard Island!

Courtesy: decoist

Paint your kitchen island with some chalkboard paint and find a new space to display your menu every day, not to mention giving your kids an attractive substitute for writing on walls!

13. Got Crates To Spare?

Courtesy: cassiebustamante

Give your kitchen a rustic appeal by using crates to store things on the open shelves of your island.

14. Free Up Precious Counter Space

Courtesy: lesmurs.info

Make storage space available on your island for appliances like the microwave and save precious space on your countertop!