How To Keep Your Rugs Looking Like New

Last updated on August 22nd, 2022

Rugs are the statement pieces that tie your space together. An essential element of interior design, rugs are often long-lasting and costly.

We buy rugs with the intention of using them for several years. Hence, it is important to learn how to properly take care of your rugs to keep them looking new and fresh as time goes by. It involves proper maintenance done regularly. Read on to find out how to keep your rugs looking brand new!

Roll it up when you are gone

Rugs are prone to being dust magnets due to their multiple strands of fabric. These become easy pockets for dust particles and dirt to settle into. Steady deposition of dirt slowly builds up to make your rugs dusty and smelly.

Humidity is another factor that can damage your rugs. Constant humidity can dampen your rugs and promote the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Additionally, extended exposure to sun rays can cause their color to fade, making your rug look patchy and aged. To avoid these issues, make sure you roll up your rugs and store them in a dry, dark space whenever you go out of town.

Ice cubes can get rid of furniture indentations

We usually set our furniture pieces like sofas, lounge chairs and coffee tables on rugs. Even bed frames are placed on a rug to make the bedroom a more comfortable space. But these furniture pieces are usually heavy. The rug has to endure the massive weight and may get indentations. However, you don’t have to worry about it. Just let an ice cube melt over the dented patch and brush the rug hair delicately with your fingers. Then, run a vacuum cleaner over it to let it dry. It will help to restore the rug to its original state!

Spin your rug to avoid traffic patterns

We are all creatures of habit. Unknowingly, when we use the same space repeatedly, we tend to follow the same path to walk from one part to the other. Walking over the same parts of the rug over and over again causes more wear and tear in those parts as compared to the unused parts. It shows up through faded colors, patchiness, and dented spots on your rug. To avoid this, ensure that you spin your rug around every two to three months so that each part is used equally. It will slow down the aging process of your rug.

Baking soda gets rid of the odor

Based on how often rugs get used and stepped on, they are bound to get dirty with time. The dirt sticks to the fabric strands and causes bacterial growth. This can further lead to the development of odor.

Humidity and poor ventilation in a space can trap odor from your rugs and create a nuisance in your room. Fortunately, there’s an easy home remedy. Just sprinkle baking soda over the rug and leave it there for a few minutes. After that, vacuum clean your rug to get rid of the baking soda, which will carry the odor along with it. There you have it, a cleaner, odorless rug!

The key to long-lasting rugs is proper cleaning and maintenance. Being made up of varied materials and millions of strands of fabric, they are definitely not the easiest item to clean. Thankfully, these tips will help you look after your rugs better and make them look new even as they age.

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