16 Clever Tiny Bathroom Storage Hacks

Last updated on August 3rd, 2021

Storage shelf in the bathroom is precious whether you have a big bathroom or if your bathroom happens to be tiny.
Let’s have a look at a few clever hacks to make use of every inch of space available in your bathroom.

1. Create A Wall Cabinet

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Create a cabinet on a blank wall in your bathroom to store a wide variety of bathroom items and giving them all an organized look.

2. Re-Purpose Shower Rods

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Install a second rod near the wall of your bathroom and hang S-hooks to keep loofahs and other small items from creating a clutter in your bathroom.

3. Storage Tower

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Put the height of your bathroom to good use by installing a tall storage tower which doesn’t just help with storage, but also adds an interesting element to your bathroom space.

4. Stack Your Shelving

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You can stack shelves one on top of another and create stacked shelves which don’t require many materials. It’s an inexpensive way to create storage and add beauty to our bathroom.

5. Use A Storage Ladder

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Having a storage ladder is an extremely space-efficient way to store things in your bathroom with each level used for storing different items.

6. Try Inverted Brackets

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Think out-of-the-box and use inverted brackets to create elegant storage options in your bathroom.

7. Create Shelf Space Near The Ceiling

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Creating a high storage shelf running along the frame of your bathroom door is a great way to add a decorative element to your bathroom, not to mention cutting down the clutter in the bathroom.

8. Create Niches

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You can create niches in your vanity section on both sides of the mirror, and use them to store towels and other toiletries for guests.

9. Add Shelving Over The Toilet

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This happens to be one of the most ignored spaces in a bathroom. Create shelving right over your toilet to store bath essentials by installing floating shelves over your toilet.

10. Dress Up Your Sink With A Skirt

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If you don’t have enough room in your bathroom for other storage options, just stack storage containers underneath your sink and hide it all behind a sink skirt. This takes care of all the clutter in the bathroom getting stowed away safely under the sink skirt.

11. Sliding Drawers Under The Sink

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You can install sliding drawers under the sink to keep your bathroom toiletries.

12. Stack Wicker Baskets

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You can stack wicker baskets in your bathroom to create visually appealing storage space in your tiny bathroom. You can also think of keeping them underneath your sink.

13. Use Crates For Shelving

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You can get used crates, paint them and hang them on the bathroom walls or stack them on the bathroom floor. They don’t just make functional storage units, but also add to the décor of your bathroom.

14. Hang Baskets

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Hanging baskets make for pretty-looking storage options that you can store your bathroom knick-knacks in.

15. Create A Custom Shelving Unit

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If your bathroom is odd-shaped, then the best storage option that you can opt for is having a custom made shelving unit designed for it. This will allow you to store different kinds of things without having to worry about creating a cluttered look.

16. Re-Purpose Your Spice Racks

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Spice-racks can fit in beautifully in the narrow spaces in your bathroom and can serve as neat storage for your toiletries and other bathroom items.