7 Small Bathroom Storage Hacks You’d Wish You Had Known Before

Last updated on December 20th, 2022

Shampoos, beauty products, and cleaning agents vie for space in bathrooms, sending ideas of aesthetics scuttering for cover. And let’s not even talk about the overflowing bucket of dirty laundry.

Yes, you can always close the bathroom door and forget about it. Or you can consider storage ideas that drastically change the way your bathroom looks. And the best part is, you don’t need major renovation work to make your bathroom look gorgeous. So, get that frown off your face because these amazing ideas are going to make you smile!

Let’s check them out!

1. Shelf ladders

A wonderful way to add dimension to your bathroom is by adding a shelf ladder to the decor. These amazing contraptions don’t take up a lot of space and are great for displaying your shampoos and bath salts. When you add some shells or plants to the mix, you add a Bohemian touch to your bathroom. As it’s freestanding, it doesn’t require carpentry work.

2. Do it with baskets

Baskets are versatile and serve a double purpose in bathroom decor. They are the perfect receptacles for towels, cosmetics, and other paraphernalia that is needed for your me-time in the bathroom. Cane baskets can also change the look of your bathroom in a matter of minutes. But be warned, baskets overflowing with unfolded napkins or products are sure to kill the look.

3. Storage units

When space is a challenge, the only way to go is up. And with vertical storage, you can go as far as the ceiling allows you. Closed cabinets are great. But you can opt for open shelving units too, to display your scented candles, plants, guest towels, and rolled-up napkins. Walls give you a lot of opportunities to store stuff with minimum fuss. Wall-mounted baskets are great for ambiance and storage.

4. Shower caddies

Yes, not only are they practical, but are stylish too. The clutter of bottles dotting the bathroom window can be an eyesore. An aesthetically appealing shower caddy is your better bet. To add a bit of glamour, you can put up a row of caddies to artistically display your beauty essentials. Don’t forget to throw in a few plants! Once you have your essentials neatly arranged in your caddy, you have room on your bathroom window to display your plants, shells, and scented candles.

5. Storage under your vanity

For a generous amount of space, look no further than the area under your bathroom vanity. These under-the-sink storage spaces not only have oodles of room but can also add style to your decor.

Ideal for cleaning detergents, brushes, and extra soap, these shelves can also take care of the extra beauty products cluttering your vanity. Opt for waterproof material when you fashion this unit, as it’s going to see a lot of water.

While you are at it, make sure to add shelves on the wall next to your mirror. Remember, every inch counts.

6. Do it with hooks

Hooks are very affordable and need next to no space. These versatile gems can be used for towels, hanging up baskets for storage, and even to store extra toilet paper in tasteful receptacles. Once you have the hooks in place, you will find a need for them, we promise you!

7. Floating shelves

You can accommodate these nuggets of storage almost anywhere. Even the top of your commode! But be sure to leave enough room, as you don’t want to bang your head every time you use the facilities.

Your shelves need not be more than 6-8 inches; just enough room for your folded towels, your bath salts, and your shower products.

The charm of these shelves? They give you ample opportunity to decorate your bathroom with potpourri, plants, baskets of essential oils, and candles. You may as well be in a spa!

A bathroom makeover is an exciting adventure. No matter how small your bathroom, you can use these tips to increase your storage and elevate the look of your space. Don’t think it’s possible? Let us convince you!