10 Unique Headboard Designs That Make A Statement

A headboard usually doesn’t seem like a very important piece of furniture in the greater scheme of things. A headboard usually doesn’t seem like a very important piece of furniture in the greater scheme of things.
But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You can choose a headboard that makes a bold statement and adds character to an otherwise functional and routine bedroom.

Here are 10 unique headboards that you can draw inspiration from and make your bedroom stand out and grab attention.

1. This headboard, with its unique design that makes it look like a house, is simple but so much fun! And the chimney with the smoke billowing out of it up the quirkiness of this headboard and the bed many notches. It can also work perfectly well in a kid’s bedroom.


2. This one is a headboard alright. But not made of wood, but just some washi tape. It gives the room and the bed a dreamy feel. One look and people just won’t be able to stop themselves from saying ‘wow!’

3. This headboard isn’t just a headboard but also forms a beautiful and rustic mantelpiece to display your photographs, vases, and anything else that you want to put on top of it.

4. This is a quirky variation on your regular quilted headboards, with multiple cushions in big and small sizes all over it. Be prepared for compliments if you do decide to draw inspiration from this headboard for your bedroom décor.


5. This two-tone solid headboard has been given a rustic feel to it with the unfinished paint and varnish and the lights are fitted right into it with the wiring concealed behind.


6. Yet another masterpiece of a headboard that isn’t just rustic, but gives the décor an earthy feel with the asymmetrically arranged pieces of wood that form the headboard.


7. This one is a headboard-cum-display shelf with shelving space all around it. It can house books if you happen to be a bibliophile, or curious and souvenirs if you like to display your collectibles.


8. A totally quirky and off-beat piece, this headboard with the various signs on it doesn’t leave anything to be said and can be quite the eye-catching conversation starter.


9. A great headboard for a kid’s bedroom, this headboard has also been given lights and some space to keep books and a couple of other essentials.


10. No. These aren’t just books stacked one on top of another. This is a quirky headboard crafted to look like books stacked together. Who said a headboard needs to be just functional?