11 Ways To Get Creative With How You Place Your TV

Last updated on September 21st, 2021

A TV is not just a significant investment, but a significant part of every household. Mostly placed in the living area, this black box and its accompanying gadgetry occupy an important place in the décor and more often than not, the way it looks, hardly blends well with any style of décor. (Unless you’re talking, wires-out-and-everything-bared-industrial style) How about looking at a few tips and tricks to showcase this important part of our living room in a way that enhances the décor of the space around it?

Let’s have a look at a few ways to do that!


You can describe this arrangement in just two words – Style and Elegance. A simple, inexpensive arrangement that is understated, yet impactful!


You can go Minimalist by mounting your TV on a stark and dark background and see it blending right in!


The wooden backdrop with LED lights is lending such an organic vibe to this rather simple TV arrangement. Wouldn’t you agree?


This custom-made shelf-cum-TV unit looks so contemporary and stylish. The TV just fits in so seamlessly with all the other knick-knacks that the shelves house.


Save space and install your TV in a closet.


Place your TV in a frame, make it a part of your décor scene and keep it from becoming an eye-sore!


This all-white unit beautifully offsets the dark TV.


A divider sectioning off your living room can be used to install your TV unit as well. What better way to use what’s available!


Less is more here, with the TV unit installed on a swing arm.


Sometimes there’s immense beauty in simplicity. You can choose to keep things simple and let your TV take centerstage.


A hidden TV unit is perfect for those times when you aren’t using the TV and don’t want it interfering with your décor.