15 Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Space

Any homemaker worth her salt will know that space in the kitchen is precious – whether it’s storage space inside the cupboards, the drawers under the kitchen island, or the space over the countertops. Here are a few great ideas worth looking at, if you’re trying to optimize the storage space in your kitchen.

1.Make Use Of Heights


Storage doesn’t always need to be within your arm’s reach. Make good use of the space near your kitchen ceiling to stow away things you use rarely. When was the last time you used that ice-lolly maker anyway?

2.Use The Space Above That Window


Another space to store unused gadgets can be above windows. You aren’t blocking the light, and at the same time storing rarely used items away safely.

3.Use Hooks To Hang Mugs From


Free up storage space in the shelves and on the countertops by installing a copper pipe with hooks and use it to hang mugs from.

4.Go Old School


Turn the inside of the shutters in your storage cabinets into a chalkboard and use it as a nifty writing space for your grocery list.

5.Nifty Storage For Your Plates


Storing plates vertically in this kind of shelving space can make them easy to take out and put back in.

6.Install A Retractable Rack


Store your pots and pans in a retractable rack inside your cupboard.

7. Put The Inside Of Your Cabinets To Good Use


Use the insides of your kitchen cabinets to store smaller utensils by hanging them on hooks.

8.Create Space In The Kitchen Island


Using the kitchen island to create space to store things is a great space saving idea. Your island looks like a normal kitchen island at the front, and stores many things in shelves at the back right from cookbooks to seldom-used kitchen accessories.

9.Let Your China Be Seen


Creating a rack on the wall to keep your platters doesn’t just give you space to store them, it doubles up as wall art in your kitchen.

10.Hang Your Essentials Up


Hanging your important ingredients in baskets over the countertop is a great way of saving precious countertop space and keeps the items handy for use.

11.Put Unused Spaces To Use


The sides of your lower cabinets can become the perfect spots to hang chunky chopping boards and colanders.

12.Keep Your Bottles Safe


Store your bottles of wine and other beverages in the pantry by using these nifty curved cradles, that’ll keep them from falling off the shelf.

13.Keep Veggies Fresh And Out Of Sight


Vegetables like onions and potatoes need a cool, dark place to be stored in. Use open-weave baskets to store them and provide the necessary air-circulation, while storing them away from sight.

14.Wine Storage


A kitchen island that has cubby holes to house wine bottles serves a dual purpose of saving space and stowing away bottles safely. Not to mention having an added conversation starter.

15.How About A Pull-out Chopping Board?


You can make chopping way easier with this pull-out cutting board with a hole that helps brush the scraps straight to the trash bin underneath. Salad anyone?