3 Organizing Tips You’ll Want To Copy In 2022

Last updated on May 18th, 2022

Are you one of those who made the New Year’s Resolution to keep your home organized in 2022? It may not be very easy, especially if you love shopping or have kids at home. However, if you want a stress-free and peaceful life, the best way is to organize!

Few people enjoy being organized, but it’s one of those things that makes life a whole lot easier. Staying organized is not at all about working hard, but rather about smart habits. Here are three *totally doable* tips to get you started!

1. Always aim to keep things decluttered

Clutter has a way of gathering up. Think about how the kitchen is full of clutter after a cooking session. Or a chaotic dining table after a get-together. Seeing things pile up on your tabletops or counters can lead to increased stress and anxiety. A cluttered home can easily lead to less productivity, poor sleep, and more junk in your house. Therefore, the most important habit to keep an organized space is to declutter. You can also embrace the minimalist home decor to get a dreamy, organized look.

It is as simple as it sounds. All you have to do is clear away things as soon as their job is done. Done with dinner? Take 5 minutes and keep away the cutlery and crockery. If you find it difficult at first, play a song while you do it. You will be amazed how easily you can get a clean space. Before you make this a regular habit, make sure that you assign a space to every object.

2. The more storage space, the better

To accomplish the first step, you must have ample storage in your house. And the good news is that there are plenty of ways to add storage, even for small apartments!

Having assigned storage for every object will avoid you tossing things away randomly. It will also make it way easier to find things when you need them. Check out the following ideas to add more storage to your house.

  • Add extra storage space in your entryway: Having some practical storage at your front door will help you avoid clutter. You can organize your keys, shoes, jackets, and other objects. You can even decorate your entryway in a better way with extra storage. Add a plant or an area rug and notice the change.

  • Use baskets for aesthetic storage: Baskets are not only pretty to look at but also give you an easy storage option. They are light enough to carry around and help you keep things super organized. You can use baskets in your kitchen for your vegetables and fruits. Use them to keep your stationery, magazines, or hand towels.

  • Add hidden storage options: Discrete storage options can help you store away your clutter in an elegant and sophisticated way. If a hidden walk-in wardrobe is too much for your home, go for a simple table box. Fit drawers under your staircase. A large bed box can save you a lot of space. You can also add hidden cupboards to your walls to store cleaning equipment. Such smart storage options can be excellent for small spaces like the kitchen.

3. Create a “donation station”

This is not only a great way to organize your home but also help others in need. Unless you have a passion for collecting certain objects, it’s a great idea to donate objects. For example, things like toys and books can seem to occupy too much space once they are used. It’s best to keep them away for donation. 

You can also recycle and resell items like an old trench coat or a broken mirror. Recycling can totally upgrade the look of your items. And if you like something a lot, you can even reuse it!

Final Thoughts

Organizing may not be everyone’s cup of tea but these simple tips can take you a long way. Having an organized space will automatically have an aesthetic effect on your space. It is naturally more welcoming after a tough day outside and even your guests will feel more comfortable. Make 2022 special with a brand new home that helps you stay relaxed and comfortable.

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