6 Different Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Last updated on April 1st, 2022

A coffee table usually forms the focal point in a living room and a beautifully styled one can help set the tone of the entire space. There are many different ways to style your coffee table, but broadly speaking, there are 6 popularly used ways to style a coffee table, based on how you go about placing the various objects on it.

1. Keeping the Four Corners Balanced

Courtesy: houseofharper

The one thing to keep in mind when styling your coffee table using this approach, is to keep objects on all four corners of the table balanced visually. The objects that you use can be different on all the corners but you’ll need to make sure that their visual weight is more or less the same. You can add a pop of color to one of the sides by using flowers or something organic. You can also increase the overall appeal of the arrangement by placing something in the middle of the table.

2. Grouping Items on A Tray

Courtesy: thisisourbliss

This is one approach that you can use when you have a coffee table that is upholstered or has an uneven surface, or when the items placed directly on the table aren’t able to create the desired effect. Just bring the various (preferably dissimilar) objects together and place them in an ornate serving tray that helps bind together all the elements into one arrangement.

3. Keeping It Simple

Courtesy: trendir

In the world of décor, a lot of times less is more. Deliberately keeping some design elements simple, shifts focus on to the other elements in the room, and also allows enough breathing space in the setting. In this approach the coffee table is styled simply with just one or two elements forming the décor. This also happens to be a more practical approach to use, when your coffee table tends to get used often and you don’t have to shift all the items off the table to make way for your child’s books, for instance.

4. Styling with A Variety of Things

Courtesy: eraforsarah

In this approach, different variety of things are grouped together in an arrangement. This grouping of dissimilar things helps create visual appeal and gives the arrangement, an organic shape that is very pleasant on the eyes. You can use a tall vase, a short stack of books or a sculpture, something made of glass or ceramic, and finish the look with flowers or a small plant.

5. Arranging Objects Linearly

Courtesy: pinterest

This is a good approach to use when styling rectangular tables and uses repetition of objects placed in a line. It is important to make sure that the objects used have things in common and don’t compete with one another for attention.

6. Saying It with A Statement Piece

Courtesy: pinterest

This approach builds on either one of the other five approaches and uses one décor element that is larger and more colorful than all the other items and garners more attention than everything else on the table forming the statement piece in the arrangement.

Happy styling, folks!